• Valentines Day Ideas

    Here are some Valentine's Day crafting ideas to inspire you.  Valentines parties are some of the most fun to throw!  Do some crafts, make some sweet treats and be around people that you love.  It's also super fun for the kids to express themselves and be creative with crafting. Enjoy! Cj
  • Simple Fall Banner

      Here's a simple fall decor idea!  I just printed words and verses in Word, printed and cut them out, then glued them on some pretty patterned paper. I also used some pre printed words from a paper source word pack.  And then of course, hung them on the token twine and clothes pins!  I'm not a huge halloween fan, so we kinda just...
  • Maggie Grace's Baby Shower

    This is Maggie's momma, Ashley!       This was tied in the moss wreath on the front door, so no one had to stand there and knock :)       We enjoyed a yummy brunch on the patio, September weather is wonderful here!   This handmade yellow and white stripe bunting was hung everywhere... She gave me a good list of her...
  • Fordy's 1

    Here's a few pics from our sweet Fordy's birthday party today! We had a wonderful afternoon celebrating and thanking the Lord for his sweet little life.  We did have a meal, even though there's no pic's to document it. Tony's cold cuts, my mom's fab coleslaw, kettle chips and a fresh fruit salad.  And a party at out house wouldn't be complete with Martino's tea...
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