"Colby" Long Sleeve, White
"Morgan" Short Sleeve Blouse, Ivory
"Carpenter" Sweater, Oatmeal
"Colby" Long Sleeve, Black Stripe
"Savannah" Cross Back Dress, Black
"Jo" Chambray Blouse
"Colby" Long Sleeve, Grey Stripe
"Ridge" Short Sleeve Blouse, Black
"Ridge" Short Sleeve Blouse, White
"Bailey" Bell Blouse
"Ridge" Short Sleeve Blouse, Grey
Carly's Favorite Tank, Mustard
"Kinsley" Teardrop Earrings, Gold
"Blake" Spaghetti Strap Jumper W/ Pockets, Black
"Charlie" Lace Bralette, Ivory
"Layla" Cami Tank, Olive
"Hadley" Flowy Pants, Tan and White
"Be You" Bangle, Brass
"Gia" Chiffon Cami Dress, White
"Stella" Half Sleeve Dress, Heather Grey
"Blakely" Geo Earrings, Gold
"Blake" Spaghetti Strap Jumper W/ Pockets, Steel Blue
"Blake" Spaghetti Strap Jumper, Dark Olive
"Charlie" Lace Bralette, Black
"Vince" Clutch, Natural
"Stella" Half Sleeve Dress, Black
"Layla" Cami Tank, Black
"Kinsley" Teardrop Earrings, Silver
"Ali" Striped Pants, Rust
"Tara" Striped Blouse, Grey and White
"Standard" Mid Rise, Dark Wash
"Connor" Classic Sweatshirt, White
"Warner" Wallet, Tan
"Connor" Classic Sweatshirt, Grey
"Verona" Earrings, Black
"Layla" Cami Tank, Rust
"Piper" Mid Rise, Medium Wash
"Jasper" Cat Bandana
"Chelsea" High Rise, Medium Wash
"Laura" Tank, Grey & White Stripe
"Amanda" Wrap Jumpsuit, Olive
"Stella" Super Soft Spaghetti Strap Dress W/ Pockets, Heather Grey
"Kallen" Striped V-Neck Short Sleeve, Grey and Ivory
"Amanda" Wrap Jumpsuit, Steel Blue
"Belle" Earrings, Silver
"Stella" Half Sleeve Dress, Teal Blue
"Ambree" Short Sleeve Blouse, Black and White Stripe
"Amanda" Wrap Jumpsuit, Heather Grey
"Jazz" Printed Jumper, Black and White

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