I’m Carly Jean Brannon the founder of CJLA, a wife and momma to 4! Carly Jean Los Angeles is so homegrown and is intertwined into all of my life. It’s a part of my family. I remember what it was like to feel like nothing in my closet fit quite right or looked like it used to. I remember the feeling of dragging 4 little ones to mall, trying things on for hours, only to leave empty handed. It was discouraging, I wanted to look cute and with it, I just wanted it to be easier. There had to be a way to make shopping fun again!? And there had to be other gals feeling this way, wanting the hunt to be done for them and wanting a solution too.

CJLA was started in 2015 right here, in my home. My husband and I would pack and ship orders late into the night after our kids went to bed, just the two of us! We then started to grow and hire on team members; the most amazing hands to help! We are no longer shipping off of the kitchen table! I am just beyond grateful and excited for what this little online shop is growing into. It’s been so encouraging to hear your stories of how these pieces have made you feel beautiful in your skin, simplified your closets, made you cozy & cute and made shopping fun again! This shop is like a baby to me. So much of my life is here, because I love helping women look and feel their best! Every piece is still tested and tried. Every piece is bought with YOU women in mind! It’s for students, professionals, moms, grandmas... Everything in our shop is meant to be lived in over and over again, season after season in any stage or season of life! It’s for every girl, any age, any size any skin color! Every piece must pass the “is this going to last”, “will this be cool on 10 years” and the “is it cozy enough to sleep in test” I also want you to know we are people behind here, ready to help answer any fit, styling, or sizing  questions! Online shopping is amazing! No need to hunt the mall for hours, save the time, gas money and headache! We’ve done the hunt for you!

Please don’t hesitate to interact! Send us a dm if you’re unsure of a fit or what size to get! Send us a dm to let us know how we can serve you best! I’m so grateful you’re following along! I hope you find clothing that makes you feel your best! Thank you for being here! XO, CJ





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