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Maggie Grace's Baby Shower

This is Maggie's momma, Ashley!  
This was tied in the moss wreath on the front door, so no one had to stand there and knock :)
We enjoyed a yummy brunch on the patio, September weather is wonderful here!
This handmade yellow and white stripe bunting was hung everywhere...
She gave me a good list of her favorite breakfast foods, and Cinnamon Life happened to be on the list. I thought little bowls of cereal would be fun!?
My mom and I designed all the printed paper decor. Ashley's colors were Grey and Yellow with a pop of white and teal!
Chad and I painted the entry way hall in these grey and white stripes about a week before, which just so happened to go wonderfully with the shower colors :)
I used my own glass plates and glasses, which always looks nice and costs less than paper goods!
I had so many gals offer to help with food, which was amazingly helpful!
And it does not hurt having friends who are wonderful cooks! :)
Orange Juice
Fresh Fruit
Spinach Egg Casserole
Tomato and Green Chile Egg Casserole
Pesto Mini Frittatas 
Cheese Hashbrowns
Cinnamon Life :)
Chocolate Chip Scones
Vanilla Bean Cupcakes
My florist friend Crystal, brought the lovely yellow flowers to give the tables some life :)
It was so fun to throw this shower! Thanks to the gals who helped! Looking forward to meeting baby Maggie Grace soon!
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