• insta latest :)

    Here's a few quick pics of some happenings around here...it doesn't get lovelier. This was from a lovely spring feeling day a weekish ago. Easy, healthy beach lunch. chad' fab mom was in town and this pic was from our zoo day. Easy summer pasta: TJ's chicken sausage, sautéed onion, zucchini, spinach, bell peppers, garlic, tossed in herbs de Provence, sea salt, pepper and...
  • Valentines Day Ideas

    Here are some Valentine's Day crafting ideas to inspire you.  Valentines parties are some of the most fun to throw!  Do some crafts, make some sweet treats and be around people that you love.  It's also super fun for the kids to express themselves and be creative with crafting. Enjoy! Cj
  • Ghetto Fab Popsicles with Green Smoothies

    Ok, random timing for popsicles... but I still had to share. I live in Los Angeles. And since sometimes in the middle of winter we have lovely 75 degree days... like today. It is the perfect day to make popsicles. I often keep these in our freezer for way easy healthy snacks! It's another one of those "not really a recipe" recipes.  I've got...
  • Simple Fall Decor...

    I don't even know if this qualifies as fall decor, but I thought I'd share some super simple fall things around here... super simple text printed and layered onto scrap paper... I repurposed these from last years project ...simple fall banner I cut a few strips off a large burlap piece to make, burlap ribbon, and tied it around all my vases, candle hurricanes...
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