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I'm an Instagram fan. It so easily and quickly captures life. Here's a few pics of this past week's random adventures from the eyes of Instagram :)
I walk by this photo all day long in the hallway to my room. It reminds me to slow down and enjoy these little boys. Because they are fifty times bigger than they were in this picture, and I took it five minutes ago :) 
The sweetest thing ever! 
Melissa Matthews did my make up for a photo shoot with {emmaleigh} last week. I wish I could wake up and have her do my make up every day. That would be fabulous :)
I made this frame wrapped in twine last year as a pottery barn copy. I love getting the mail this time of year, in a week or so this thing will be over flowing with wonderful people we love. I'm quite a fan of Christmas cards... ours are coming, they're just a we bit late this year :) The Mart and I have seen each other a lot this week. Enjoying my time working on a new project.
The newest member of the Incredibles, Tuck.
My house just doubled with little boys! There's 6 little boys in my house this week. Hud and Ford are having the time of their lives. So fun.
Have a wonderful day, Enjoy!

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