Throwback: Ghetto-Fab Hand Towels

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Love these!  I'm posting because the industrial size box of these very, fine, fine hand towels... is almost completely through.  My mom found these at Smart and Final and thought I should use these in our bathrooms, displayed in a cool container or basket.  Since we love to have people over and love to entertain, this was an affordable way have individual hand towels and not make 50 people share the same cloth hand towel...yuck.  I love these in the kitchen too!  They are great for a napkin with lunch or a quick clean up tool. We split a box because 1,440 towels is quite a large amount to go through. They are C fold hand towels... These are very similar tho the one I grabbed at S&F (GP Paper Hand Towel ...not too shabby, 1,440 hand towels for $28.00 ... thats just under two cents a towel!!

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When I first saw them by themselves I thought...hmm, this is going to look ghetto.  But, after they were in the cool container they looked great!  They aren't hand towels form the Ritz, but they look fine, get the job done and cost about nothing!  Split a box with a friend, or two or three, you can't beat the price.



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