Throwback: Mason Jar Vase


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Slightly ghetto and slightly fabulous... the Kerr jars are my favorite glasses in my cupboard. I remember as a little girl drinking out of jelly jars at my grandmas house.  And still to this day I love these jars as drinking glasses.  They are super durable and have outlasted all of my other cups! (they outlasted all my pottery barn and crate/barrel glasses) I not only use them for cups, but stock up on these ever so affordable jars to use as great vases and candle holders too! For around $8 for a dozen, you can't beat $0.66 cents a glass! I always get mine at Smart and Final. They have a great selection and tons of sizes( 8oz., 12oz...) I also found them online at The Fresh Preserving Store Give them a try, they're perfect for a glass of fresh lemonade, a pack of tea lights, or a bunch of fresh spring flowers!

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