Throwback: DIY Photo-Decorated Christmas Tree

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The theme around here right now is KEEP IT SIMPLE! My high hopes of Christmas parties, dinners, decorations, etc. are going to have to wait until next year. We even debated about putting up a tree, knowing the work it would be to put it up and take it down. We finally decided we would get a tree and "keep it simple". We didn't get out a single ornament, we only pulled out our strands of white lights. Chad strung the lights and I made these photo ornaments with my hole punch and a spool of ribbon. I had a ton of duplicate photos, I had left over from scrapbooks, photo albums, our wedding, and a few duplicates of childhood pics. I hole punched the pics and strung a 6-8 inch piece of ribbon through the top and tied a knot at the top. It was the quickest tree decor and ended up being really fun.

Hudson loves it! He's loves pointing out the people and talking about what's going on in the pics. It's also nice to know there's nothing for him to break. Those shiny glass ornaments aren't a temptation to try to bounce like a ball or throw across the room this year.

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I would love to do a tree like this with all black and whites one year! It will take some time, but would be so fun to dig up and copy old family photos and display them as ornaments! Maybe next year...



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