Throwback: Thanksgiving 2009

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We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my So.Cal family. My Aunt Mary and Uncle Sam hosted a fabulous afternoon and evening full of fun and as always incredible food! The entire family of course played volleyball, Hud and I cheered on the sidelines. It wouldn't be a family function without volleyball on the lawn and surf movies playing in the living room. It also wouldn't be a family function with out gourmet food! I have the foodiest... yes, foodiest family! They are ALL amazing cooks. I can't think of any of them that can't cook. We always have a spread that looks like Martha.  I made it, and it tastes like she did too.

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My Aunt and Uncle are great hosts and are super creative. The house is always decorated beautifully and Mary always does some fun and unique game or activity for us to enjoy. This year she had a little tree in the entry way with little bowl of tags next to it to write down things we were thankful for. We then hung them on the branches.

She also had a wall of baby photos she had photo copied and made little vintage looking frames for. The game was called "GUESS WHO?" and the photos were numbered 1-15, for us to guess the family members in the photos. The goal was to see how many photos you could guess correctly. We numbered our papers and guessed away. I looked much easier than it was! It was a great game and everyone enjoyed seeing old photos and even the kids had fun guessing! This game could be played with friends too! It would be a fun game to play @ any party... have the guests bring a baby photo and pin them up on a cool board for an instant game! Can you guess who #9 is?

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As I put up these pics and this post I couldn't help but think about the things I am thankful for... The Lord has blessed me beyond what I could have asked for. He is so good to me and has cared for me beyond measure. I am thankful for forgiveness and grace, knowing my sin and knowing I deserve nothing. I am thankful for the hope and life I have in Jesus Christ because of the cross. I am thankful for my amazing marriage, that the Lord has been so sweet to bless me with and grow me in. I am thankful for my sweet children, here on earth and heaven and know they are blessing from the Lord. I am thankful for my family who sacrificed much for me to have the opportunities I have had, and the encouragement they were to me, always. Im thankful for my family I gained getting married and their tender care for us, even over these past few weeks, sacrificing their lives at home to come serve and help us. I'm thankful for our awesome church who has made us meals, encouraged us and faithfully prayed for us.... there is so much to be thankful for, may my heart and mind be constantly aware of ALL I have and how kind and good my God is to me! This leaves very little room for grumbling and complaining. May we be thankful always, remembering what Christ has done for us!



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