The Capsule Closet Manual: How to Get Started

The Capsule Closet Manual: How to Get Started

Carly Jean Los Angeles started in 2015 with three simple goals: help women feel as beautiful as they already are, simplify the shopping + getting ready process, and provide beautiful, quality pieces that can be worn in any season of life! A way to achieve this is through creating a functional capsule closet!

If you have been around for any amount of time, you have probably heard us say "capsule" A LOT around here, but maybe you aren't even quite sure what a capsule is and why it's so important??

A CJLA capsule is a collection of clothing comprised of multiple basic pieces that can be mixed, matched, and used to create ENDLESS everyday outfits.

The core elements are classic pieces that won't go out of style and can mix and match with the other items in your closet! These core pieces will last for YEARS and will always fit and feel great!

So now that you know what a CJLA capsule is, let's talk about how to start one! A basic CJLA capsule is comprised of 1). Multiple CJLA basics 2). CJLA denim 3). A few seasonal layering pieces 4). Accessories that can be mixed and matched! Now let's break those down!

1. Multiple CJLA basics

We recommend having a 2-3 tank tops, short sleeve tops, and long sleeves! These will work to wear by themselves or for layering, depending on the season! Basics will never go out of style and truly help create endless outfits! You will never again say that you have nothing to wear!


2. CJLA Denim

No capsule is complete without denim that you feel AMAZING in. You are going to want to have a dark wash, light wash, and black pair of denim! These options can change up your look and work for multiple occasions! 

Whether you purchase distressed denim or not might change based on your lifestyle! For instance, if you are a working professional, you are going to need dressier pants to wear into the office whereas if you are a stay at home mom or work a more casual job, you can probably wear jeans with some distressing! CJLA is KNOWN for our denim because no matter what style you get, it will without a doubt, be the comfiest, softest denim you will ever put on. PLUS they are all SUPER flattering and versatile for any and all occasions!

3. Layering Pieces

Pieces that you can layer are KEY to a functional capsule wardrobe because it's truly the best way to change up your looks, mix and match, + have a capsule that lasts through all seasons of the year! We recommend always having a denim jacket, cardigan, and button down tops on hand! 

4. Accessories + Add-ons

Items like dresses, skirts, jewelry, hats, and shoes complete your capsule and make it unique to who YOU are and what you like, based on the occasion!

Still Need Help? We GOT you.

1. Get expert advice.

We are here to help! Send us a DM, message on LiveChat, text, or email to get recommendations and personal styling advice from us! That's why we are here!



2. Utilize our website.

We have tabs on the website with a few example of capsules that could fit your lifestyle and style preference!


3. Tune into try-ons on Instagram and the app.

Every week you have access to personal styling sessions from girls on the CJLA Team with different styles, perspectives and sizes to help you feel confident when shopping while also getting styling tips and outfit ideas!

4. CJLA Capsule E-book

This is a HUGE resource for you, that is FREE on our site! Add to cart and save for reference + even examples of sample capsules!

Now that you know what a capsule is and how to get started, what are you waiting for? It's time to start simplifying your life with timeless, comfortable, versatile, and beautiful pieces by shopping CJLA! If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out on our instagram, email, or LiveChat on our website!


  • Capsule dressing really does free up so much time and effort to devote to other things! But if you’re like me and just love clothes and actually ENJOY spending time appreciating beautiful, thoughtfully designed clothes, CJLA has those too! So if you need to, you can spend zero time in the morning “planning” your outfit for the day—OR, if you want to, you can spend as much time as you want twirling in front of the camera in your Mari dress or petting your Beckham jacket LOL

    @cjlagirls sent me :)

    Han D
  • Sent from @cjlagirls ;)
    A capsule wardrobe makes it so easy to decide, I would spend hours trying to find the right outfit and things to go together. With a capsule and I can make it all work together and have staples and other pieces to just grab and go. Saves time and stress 🤗

  • I love this ! It’s hard being tall and knowing what works when I purchase something online but there are so many resources to help! Thank you

  • Love the concept of capsule wardrobes! While I just can bring myself to do so in my closet, I try to pack with this mindset so I can feel like I have options without overpacking on trips

  • I love the simplicity & style of a capsule wardrobe & CJLA makes it easy and affordable to make that happen. All my pieces work together beautifully and I feel good wearing them. But, what I love most is that my man notices. ❤️

    Charis Brown

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