Cj's Cucumber, Nectarine, + Feta Summer Salad

This summer salad is a crowd favorite + super easy to whip together! This recipe serves 6-8 as a side dish!    Ingredients 4 Nectarines  6 Persian ...
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8 Ways to Get Your Closet Ready for Summer (& feel AMAZING!)

With each new season comes a chance to refresh your closet and take inventory of what items are needed and which ones can be donated or stored for ...
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"A Phase of Thriving, Rather Than Just Surviving."

Check out this heartfelt customer testimonial from Anna!      “In March I was diagnosed with cancer for the 5th time in 22.5 years, while still un...
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5 Ways the CJLA App Makes Online Shopping EASIER!

We know that online shopping can sometimes be tricky... but here at CJLA, we make it EASY! The CJLA APP was made with YOU in mind! Here are 5 wa...
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