"A Phase of Thriving, Rather Than Just Surviving."

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"A Phase of Thriving, Rather Than Just Surviving."
Check out this heartfelt customer testimonial from Anna!  


 “In March I was diagnosed with cancer for the 5th time in 22.5 years, while still undergoing a transplant for the 4th diagnosis. Needless to say, I had to sit with that a bit…I’m in remission again. Thank you Jesus! But I placed two orders about a month ago (my excuse is I’ve lost 30 lbs) and when they arrived, every single piece fit perfectly and made me feel healthy and excited to get dressed in the morning! I know 'clothes don’t make the woman' but sometimes they make a change in you that is timely and necessary and oh so good. Thank you CJLA for your tireless commitment to making women feel good. You are a blessing. Keep up the good (and hard, I’m sure) work. You are appreciated out here! <3." 


When following up about her sweet comment, we asked her what she appreciates most about the CJLA community and how it has impacted her everyday life. Here is what she had to say:

 “I love their positivity and joy. I have had to find a way to stay positive and joyful through a lot of tough circumstances over the past 22.5 years of five cancers. I appreciate those qualities in others. I am continually impressed by how CJLA strives to support women and seemingly each other. It’s always encouraging when those who are positive and joyful are also successful. I don’t think that’s an accident.


Check out Anna's full story + latest update!

I was recently told I am in remission from my 5th cancer (having been diagnosed with that 5th while finishing a stem cell transplant for the 4th), and I had lost weight. Because of a real struggle with eating, due to the immunotherapy treatment I was undergoing, I lost about 30lbs. I really needed a few things that fit. I had already ordered the Harper Dress at some point and it was waiting in my closet for me to be able to go anywhere and wear it. I looked at it hopefully in my closet, often. It was my hope for days when I would have the energy to put it on and go out somewhere. Then, as I was finishing the treatment for cancer five, I made two separate orders within a week or so. When they arrived, on the same day, I was so excited to try everything on! I COULD NOT believe that every single piece fit and looked great and (most importantly at that point in my journey) helped me FEEL great, hopeful, and ready to move into a new phase of life. A phase of thriving, rather than just surviving. I put it all on, piece by piece and was so energized. My husband has been mostly working from home to help keep me safe (trying very hard to steer clear from getting sick, with me as immunocompromised as I am), and he could see my excitement. When I put on the Revy shorts, he said “you look 20!” My response was, “I FEEL 20!” (I’m 55 by the way :). I also got the much talked about Chrissy Jeans that I had been wanting. I preceded to then wear them every day for a week, I think. I couldn’t believe how much they really stood up to all of the praise they were getting! I could go on and on….


 Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Anna! We are wishing you continual health and recovery and are so grateful for your support and encouragement! You are so inspiring to many! 

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