Salad Tool Favorites

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Salad Tool Favorites

Since we have been sharing our favorite salad recipes lately, I thought I would share all of the tools that I use on the daily to make these salads! These favorite items make it so easy to prepare and combine the ingredients, making the whole process a breeze! Eating healthy should never be daunting and with these tools, it makes my life a whole lot simpler! 

To start off, my salads usually include lots of chopping of vegetables, nuts, fruit, etc! These knives work so well for all of it! 

Next, you will definitely need a cutting board, and these are my favorite! They are durable, lightweight, and last forever! 

Now these bowls are the best! They were gifted to me and are one of my most favorite bowls in my kitchen! Although they are a bit of a splurge, they get used almost daily which makes them so worth it! They would also make such a sweet gift!

For homemade salad dressings like this one I like to use these little squeeze bottles! They mix and pour so easily and cannot recommend them enough! If you do not have them on hand, these mason jars are also great for making and storing salad dressing! 

For serving + tossing, I love these wooden salad tossing spoons as well as these tongs for everyday use! I also have to add one of my most used items of all time, the Provence Basket, for all of my grocery and farmers market runs! It is large enough for all of the ingredients you need to make a salad & more! 


Happy salad making! XO

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