Our Nashville Highlights & FAVES!

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Our Nashville Highlights & FAVES!

Over the weekend, we had the amazing opportunity to head to our Nashville to spend some time with our CJLA gals over there, and y'all... We loved our time in Nashville! Getting to meet so many new friends, and reconnect with old ones, was such a sweet and precious time for us! 

While we were there, we got to experience so many new places, foods to try, and activities to do around the Nashville area! We wanted to share with you our top 5 Nashville favorites from this trip! For our gals who are new to the Tennessee area, or the gals who are looking for a new adventure, we hope that these favorites give you a glimpse into the fun Nashville spots that we know and love!

1. Local Shops

Finding unique and fun shops when traveling makes a trip so much more fun! We wanted to meet and hang out with our CJLA Community, so we met at Patina Home & Garden in Lieper's Fork, TN! If you are looking for beautiful home goods, you NEED to visit Patina! Plus, the drive out to this shop was stunning! Tons of green pastures & stunning houses along the way. If you're traveling to the surrounding Nashville area this is a place you must visit! You can visit their Instagram at @patinahomeandgarden

2. Coffee & Sweet Treats

One of the most essential pieces to making a great trip is good coffee! And the coffee options in Nashville are so good! When we met at Patina Home & Garden for our coffee meet-up event, we catered Coffee Cart Nashville! The coffee was delicious, and the time we spent with our dear Nashville friends was so precious! If you need a coffee cart for a wedding, work event, or party, you HAVE to have @coffeecartnashville there! Also, on Sunday morning we had Crema Coffee Roasters inside Pinewood Social, for our morning pick-me-up! We needed the extra energy to be hyped up for our CAIN concert that evening! 

 We also catered Five Daughters Bakery for donuts during our fun get-together! The donuts were such high quality and tasty - the perfect sweet treat for our Saturday morning! 

3. Breakfast & Brunch

While grabbing our coffee from Crema Coffee Roasters on Sunday morning, we also grabbed brunch at Pinewood Social! The CJLA Team's favorite was by far the Breakfast Burrito! It was insane! If you have time in your schedule, then you should definitely head over to Pinewood Social & Crema Coffee Roasters! Plus, there's a bowling alley inside! SO FUN!

On Monday morning, we wanted to stop somewhere exciting and adventurous before heading back to the west coast. We had breakfast at Graduate Nashville, and the interior was incredible! Plus, the food was fantastic! Our faves were the Biscuit Sandwich and then Smashbrowns!


4. Hotels

 If you're traveling to Nashville and need a great place to stay, our hotel was perfect for our team! We stayed at the Aertson Hotel, which was very accommodating and comfortable for the 8 of us! The service was incredible, plus it was right by downtown Nashville, which made traveling around the big city super easy!

5. CAIN Concert

Our CAIN Concert on Sunday night was an absolute blast! With tons of our CJLA friends and community joining us, our day on Sunday went from great to awesome! The music was incredible, and we loved getting to listen to this amazing band! CAIN still has tickets for the rest of their tour available, so if you want to go to an uplifting & family friendly concert, you can find their website for tickets here!

 6. The best community we could ask for


Last, but defintiely not least, the main highlight of our trip was meeting YOU! Being able to connect with you in person, hear your stories, hug, & laugh together was the absolute best. We value our community so much, and WOW! Our Nashville crew SHOWED UP! We had no clue we would get to see as many of you this Saturday! It was just incredible to meet you + connect in person! Thank you for coming out on your busy Saturday’s to spend the morning with us! The @carlyjeanlosangeles team and I literally shed tears over your stories and were so moved by so many of you. You filled us up.

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