CJLA Girls Story: Summer Sieller

CJLA Girls Story: Summer Sieller

It's time for another special CJLA Girls Story! We absolutely love getting to feature the special members of this CJLA community and today we have the pleasure of sharing Summer Sieller's story with all of you! Summer is a CJLA Girl living in Pennsylvania. To learn more about Summer, her lifestyle and why she loves her CJLA capsule read the full interview below!


CJLA: Tell us about yourself!

SUMMER: Hi! My names is Summer Sieller and I live in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, PA with my sweet family. I've been married to my husband Steve for 12 years, and we have a daughter who is nine and a son who is six. I'm also a high school teacher of 15 years and run a skincare and makeup business on social media. 

CJLA: How did you find CJLA?

SUMMER: I first heard about CJLA a few years ago from my sister, Olivia. She had been raving about her recent finds saying that everything was so soft and comfortable. I ended up following the CJLA Instagram for a few months before I made my first purchase. 

CJLA: CJLA is more than clothes, it's a community! Why do you love being a member of the CJLA community?

SUMMER: Okay, confession-- I LOVE the CJLA community. I have found some incredible women through the various Carly Jean hashtags and takeovers. I am also a member of the CJLA Insiders group on Facebook and find myself using the "search" feature in the FB group to see posts about items I'm thinking about purchasing. The ladies who share photos and give descriptions of fit based on their heights and sizes have been SO helpful. The community has also piqued the interest of our nine year old daughter. She has heard me talk about Carly Jean so often, that she first thought she was a "friend" of mine. Carly sends mommy lots of happy mail!

CJLA: What are your three all-time favorite CJLA capsule pieces?

SUMMER: My three all-time favorite CJLA capsule pieces have to be the Josie Jeans, the Evelyn Long Sleeve top and the Sailor Cardigan. I can style all of these no matter the season here on the east coast.

CJLA: Why does the capsule concept work for you and your lifestyle?

SUMMER: The capsule concept works very well for me as a high school teacher. Sometimes my classroom is very warm and sometimes I find myself FREEZING. I always, always have a CJLA cardigan or denim jacket with me to style with a dress or pants and a top. I appreciate being able to mix and match pieces no matter when I've bought items over the past three years. It's very easy to style my CJLA wardrobe and my students will often ask me where I got my cute clothes! Jackpot!

CJLA: How has your capsule wardrobe helped to simplify your life?

SUMMER: Having a capsule wardrobe has simplified my life in many ways as a busy mom and professional, but especially when I am packing for a trip or for a long weekend. We take several road trips throughout the year to visit my in-laws in New England. I love that I can pack my capsule wardrobe in a small bag and be set for several days.

CJLA: What is your favorite CJLA piece to style?

SUMMER: My favorite piece to style would have to be any of the jumpsuits. I am a HUGE fan of all of them. In fact, my first jumpsuit ever was from CJLA two summers ago. I am able to wear it to school, to events, to dinners, to parties and when I travel it works well no matter the occasion or location. I also tend to get a lot of compliments while wearing them. I think people often need to see jumpsuits on others "in real life" (not just online) in order to feel confident to want to order for themselves. I am SO glad I took the plunge on my first one a few years ago!

CJLA: If you had to describe CJLA to a friend using only three words what would they be?

SUMMER: I am often telling friends about Carly Jean by describing the clothing as comfortable, flattering and timeless!

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  • As Summers Mother I am a tad biased… she’s amazing as are my other 2 daughters!!! She looks great in all her Carly Jean clothes!!! Thank you for this highlight!!!
    Laura Hagey

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