5 Free Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Kids

5 Free Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Kids

We live in a time where we are constantly surrounded by phones, computers, gaming consoles, and all sorts of technology. One of the most refreshing things you can do is to step outside and get some activity in with your kids! From leisure, to hardcore sports, activity is important for kids and adults! It can boost creativity, reduce stress, and make life more fun! Here are 5 outdoor activities that you can do with your kids, without having to spend a dime. 


1. Cloud/Star Gazing

Like the classic scene from a Disney movie, this is a perfect way to get out of the house and relax outside. You can head to your own backyard, or take. trip to a local park, and bring a blanket and watch the clouds float by! It's always fun to come up with different shapes. If you're wanting to stay out longer, you can pack some snacks + drinks for a fun little picnic!

If you and your kids are night owls, then stargazing is a great option too! Head to your backyard with some hot cocoa, a warm blanket, and watch the stars glisten in the sky! Creating your own constellations in the sky can be really fun too!

2. Scavenger Hunt / Treasure Hunt

With a little bit of preparation, you can make a really fun scavenger hunt for free! Create some clever clues of some objects to collect at a park, or take pictures in front of some fun landmarks! 

Another creative way to bring treasure hunting to life is through geocaching! Geocaching is an activity that anyone can do with their phone or a GPS! Containers with a journal or fun knickknacks are hidden throughout the globe and are given GPS coordinates. When they're found, you can write in the journal and record your progress! It's like a worldwide game of hide and seek!

3. Go to a Park or Beach

 Getting out of the house to a local park is a really fun (and affordable) way to keep your kids happy and busy! It can also be fun to travel around town and explore new parks that your kids have never been too!

If you live along the coast like we do, then taking a quick trip down to the beach is a must-have for the summer months! Let your kiddos run around in the sand and the water, or bring some fun pool toys for the beach! If you're too far from the beach, finding a lake or a community pool can be just as fun!

4. Spend the Day at a Water Park or Pier

As the weather begins to warm up, finding a local water park can be a super unique experience for your kids! Most water parks are free, however it's always best to do some digging to find the best water parks for your kids!

If you decide to travel to the beach but don't want to get wet, you can take your kids to a local pier! Some piers will have cool shops, some yummy food, or an amusement park! There can be possible parking fees or ticket fees for amusement park rides, so it's always best to do research beforehand!

5. Head to a Museum

If you're looking for something more educational but just as fun, then a museum is perfect for you! Here in LA, we have a number of public museums that are free to enter (some may have parking fees) and explore! From art museums to science museums, looking back through history is a great way for kids to learn while getting out of the house!

Any activity that you do with your kid will be so beneficial for everyone! You can bond with your children in fun adventures, new memories, and the wonders of the world around us. You deserve to be comfortable and confident when you are active, on the go, or making memories with your kids. If you need clothes to play in, shop the Play Collection on 2/24 at 9AM pst! ☀️


  • YES we’ve been doing scavenger hunts lately! 👍

  • We love to take our twin toddlers to the zoo!! So much to see and lots of space for them to run around.

    Rachel L
  • We don’t have children, but we do have fur babies. I love taking them on as many hikes as possible and to the dog park. Any time spent outside makes for a great day.


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