CJLA Challenge + Giveaway: Get Outside Your Comfort Zone!

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CJLA Challenge + Giveaway: Get Outside Your Comfort Zone!

As we get into the groove of a new year, it's really easy to fall into a routine without much changes. It can get harder and more difficult to branch out and try new things, go on spontaneous adventures, or complete a big project. Here at CJLA, we crave the spontaneity, creativity, and growth that the uncomfortable can bring! That's why we designed the Play Collection: to have core pieces that move and work with your body.

Whether you're trying a new workout, or spending more time with your kids, clothes that are soft, flexible, and comfortable are crucial to meet the demands of your day. Check out our new Play Collection for pieces that will permanently change your wardrobe, and encourage you to be more active!

This week, we challenged our team to try to get outside of our comfort zones! And now we want you to join us too!  

Whether you're trying a new workout routine, or going to a new place, or wanting to be more creative and active, any new change is beneficial for our lives! So now we want to pass the challenge on to you! Yes, you! This weekend, get out of your comfort zone and try something new! You won't regret it.

But that's not all! If you accept this challenge, you have a chance to win a Spa Day! Here's how to enter the challenge giveaway!

  1. Post a video or photo on Instagram of you getting our of your comfort zone & use the hashtag #comfyintheuncomfortable
  2. Be sure to tag @carlyjeanlosangeles and @cjlagirls so we see your entry!

Winner will be chosen next Friday 3/3! Have fun getting comfy in the uncomfortable!




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