What You're MISSING out on: CJLA App Perks + Features

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What You're MISSING out on: CJLA App Perks + Features

Here at CJLA, we always have something to offer! From a new product, or a fun sale, there is always new goodies for you to enjoy! But we know the feeling when you miss a sale, or an item comes and goes before you can buy it! That's why we designed our CJLA App - so that you can be in the loop on all things CJLA!

If you don't have the CJLA App yet (OR you haven't updated your app), then you're missing out on loads of exclusive content, pieces, sales, and soo much more! Click here to download your CJLA APP!

Here is some perks and features that the app offers that our website or social platforms lack!

1. App-Exclusive Products

If you're new to CJLA, then this is a perk you are going to need to know about! Our goal is to treat our girls like VIP: and that's through the app! App users get to experience exclusive products1 For example, we recently did a LIVE selling event on the APP for our pink Cynthia Sweater! It sold out sooo fast, but if you had the APP ( & notifications turned on!) you can be notified when we do fun things like that! 



2. Featured Content

Besides the exclusive products that we launch on the app, you also are given access to some amazing content that is found on the app! From try-ons, to live streams, the CJLA app is the one-stop-shop for all the content you need! Plus, this content is easier to find and access than on some of our social platforms! 

3. Updates and Notifications

The best way to know what's going on at CJLA? You need your notifications on! This is the easiest and best way to stay in the loop on everything! You'll be the first to hear about sales, early access to new products, or any important updates! We don't want you missing out on fun events and sales, so be sure to turn on app notifications in your settings! Click the profile icon at the bottom bar, click "Settings" and then make sure your notifications are turned ON!


4. In Depth Account Information

We have an account feature on our site, so that you can keep track of reward points, discount codes, and more! But on the CJLA app, you're able to look at so much more! You can check out your previous orders, what addresses you have for shipping, any notifications you might've missed, and other perks too! 

Our number one goal with our app is to give you your best experience of CJLA! Feel like a first-class gal with exclusive products, featured content, and notifications to keep you in the loop! Download the CJLA app here!

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