Your Closet is INCOMPLETE Without These 4 Dresses!

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Your Closet is INCOMPLETE Without These 4 Dresses!

It is really easy to fill our closets with things that we think we normally wear: jeans, blouses, tees, jackets, cardigans, and more. But have you ever taken a step back and wondered "what is my closet missing?" Today, dresses are often pushed to the back of our closet, labeled as "formal" or "party" pieces. Or, dresses are too stiff, uncomfortable, or fitted to wear on a regular basis. However, we know that dresses are the key to completing your wardrobe!

Dresses, like every other piece of clothing you own, must work for you! Comfortable, versatile, and simple dresses are essentials to your wardrobe, plus it's a great way to add style and femininity to your everyday outfits! Below, we have a quick guide for the 4 types of dresses that any closet needs! With any of these dresses below, you're on your way to a truly complete + versatile wardrobe!

1. Floral / Patterned Dress

A little bit of pattern always helps create a simple but flattering outfit! As we transition into the spring + summer months, floral patterns are very elegant and beautiful! Plus, it's a great way to tie in some simpler jackets & tops! Some of our team favorite floral dresses are the Delaney Dress, the Mari Dress, and the Stephanie Dress! Not a flower girl? No problem! The Summerland Dress, the Karina Dress, and the Paige Dress offer you that touch of pattern that you love without too much floral!

2. Maxi Dress

Attending any events coming up? You need a maxi dress! Whether you're wanting casual, formal, or anything in between, a long dress is comfortable and slimming! Also, a solid maxi dress works with everything in your closet! We personally love the Ribbed Spaghetti Dress (which comes in 10 different colors!), the Maxi Tank Dress, and the Corey Dress!

3. A Little Black Dress

A dainty black dress is just perfect for everyday wear! On your way to church, heading to a brunch date, or going to work, a lightweight + simple black dress is key to making your outfits super simple! We are currently obsessing over the Lainey Dress here at HQ, but we also love the Sadie Dress and the Lee Dress!

4. T-Shirt Dress

When it comes to dresses, we looove to be comfortable! A T-Shirt dress is great for any on-the-go gal, or a mom running some quick errands. They're soft, comfy, and work for any season! The Tank Dress and the Playa Dress are classic pieces that we love, fit for any gal! P.S the favorite Midi dress is restocking on Sunday ONLY on the APP! Download it and turn on your notifications so you don't miss out!


Click HERE to watch how we like to style these 4 essential styles!  

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