10 Ways to Wear: Cj's Favorite Ribbed Spaghetti Dress

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10 Ways to Wear: Cj's Favorite Ribbed Spaghetti Dress
CJ's Favorite Ribbed Spaghetti Dress is the perfect versatile dress for any occasion. Dressed up or down, it is a comfy, easy-going piece that works for every gal. But is it possible to wear this dress for any occasion? We definitely think so, and we wanted to share with you ten different styles that can be worn with the Ribbed Spaghetti Dress. We hope that these styles give you some inspiration for styling a core dress like this one! 

We created the Ribbed Spaghetti Dress with ONE thing in mind. YOU! With 10 different colors to choose from, functional pockets, adjustable straps, sizes from  XS to 3X, AND an ultra stretchy ribbed fabric, this dress does it ALL!

For each of these outfits, we use the same Black Ribbed Spaghetti Dress, and we paired it with the Rhode Sandals or Converse High-Tops! Looking to increase your outfit combos, or simply to change things up? Mix + match your essentials with a different colored dress or with different shoes! Below is our basic guide to ten easy yet different looks.
1. The Classic Look: Hunter Jean Jacket
Tie the Hunter Jean Jacket around your waist and you've created the easiest outfit ever! This outfit is perfect for an easygoing feel that doesn't look frumpy. This outfit can be styled with the black Hunter Jacket too for a monochromatic look. And if it gets cold, you have a jacket at the ready. 

2. Sporty On-The-Go Outfit: Hunter Jean Jacket + Baseball Cap

This second look is perfect for those bad-hair days that we all have. Keep your Hunter Jacket but throw in a baseball cap and you're set for running errands, or managing your kids throughout the week. You can feel comfortable, but also look nice + put together. 
3.  An Everyday Look: Harrison Jean Jacket
If you're wanting a lighter-wash jacket, then the Harrison Jean Jacket is your denim bestie! Perfect for that oversized and effortless look without drowning in fabric. Wanting to create a more spring version of this outfit too? Change up the color of your dress to a white/lighter color for spring + summer! You can also throw in the Allison Jacket for pastel colors for an Easter look too.

4. Business Casual Vibes: Manhattan Linen Blazer



If you work in an office, or you work from home, looking + feeling professional is a must. Put on that easy linen Manhattan Blazer, and take your outfit from casual to business casual. Or you can swap in the black Manhattan Blazer if you're craving a more monochromatic look.  
5. Farmer's Market Look: Eli Top + Provence Basket
This weekend-friendly outfit is perfect for any Saturday plans: the farmer's market, a trip to the beach, or studying with friends. The combo of the Eli Top with the Provence Basket is a charming and effortless way to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring. A lighter colored dress with this same outfit would be perfect for any bridal showers, spring holidays, or church events too!
6. Weekend Brunch Date Fit: Harlow Button-Up
Similar to the 5th outfit, but with a more muted look. Perfect for a breezy, linen look on the weekend, or a more relaxed fit for work days. The Harlow Button-Up tied in a knot also helps to break up the solid color of the dress for a super simple yet stylish look. 
7. Work-From-Comfort Style: CJLA Crewneck
For the stay-at-home moms, or any gal who works from home. The CJLA Crewneck wrapped around the shoulders is an easy and classic way to style up your simple dress. Plus if you get cold, you'll always have a comfy pullover at the ready.
8. Downtown Fit: Parker Jacket
The Parker Jacket is the best for those city gals out there, wanting a more of an edgy and grungy look. You can head to a concert or down Main Street in style. 
9. Movie Night Look: Miramar Sweater
A newer sweater to CJLA, but we had to include it in this styling guide! The Miramar Sweater (launching soon) is that easy fit + feel, perfect for those relaxed days or an evening at the movies! Change out the dress for a lighter color to create a more pastel and spring look. 
10. Neutral Timeless Vibes: Addi Top
If you want a comfy knit feel, with that timeless neutral look, then this outfit is perfect for you! The Addi Top (launching soon) unbuttoned thrown over the dress looks so charming and effortless. If you're wanting a brighter look, you can swap out the black dress for a lighter colored dress!

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