• Flying

     Since having kids it feels like life hit turbo speed. It just feels like time is flying by so much faster than ever before. I'm sure part of that is watching a little lives grow before my eyes. And another part is me, not letting my plate and brain and life get so full that I miss these amazing times. My oh my these...
  • A New Little Season

    Every couple months I feel like the boys enter a new season. Wether it's them physically growing or changing relationally, getting older and maturing. Hud has recently come into a cool little season, he's now at an age where we have little conversations about life, each other and the Lord. He talks lot's and it constantly asking questions. Its so fun to see his...
  • Throwback: Instagram Latest

    Here's a few quick pics of some happenings around here... it doesn't get lovelier. this was from a lovely spring feeling day a weekish ago. easy, healthy beach lunch... Chad' fab mom was in town and this pic was from our zoo day. Easy Summer Pasta: TJ's chicken sausage, sautéed onion, zucchini, spinach, bell peppers, garlic, tossed in herbs de Provence, sea salt, pepper...
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