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The Lord is good. Really good. I know that. Not only does His word say it, but I have seen it and experienced it. Sometimes its hard to see or understand His plans, and yet I know they are perfect and know they are for my good. "For I know the Plans I have for you,"declares the Lord,"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11
Chad got a call a few weeks ago letting him know that he would no longer be used on a big  huge, really huge account that he was doing voice over for. We were left quite shocked and it took a few days for it to settle in. At this specific moment in time nothing crazy or dramatic is changing for us, but we are praying for a new account to come along to replace the last one and praying it comes soon.  
 Until then it's crazy frugal time. It has been a total perspective changer for me and allowed me to see everything in a new light. Not that we are like"yay! chad lost a huge job!" but we see the Lords hand in even the test of our trust in Him. It's given me a better perspective of His incredible blessings that He has so graciously given us to be faithful stewards of. This trial is making me thankful, and this test continues to challenge my soul and make me more thankful. There are still moments of fear or times my heart feels weary and overwhelmed, but I know the Lord knows every detail. And He hasn't given me or Chad anymore than we can handle. We are praying for peace, wisdom, and work! I am so thankful for Chad. His leadership, amazing work ethic, care for me, shepherding of me, patience, and sacrifice. 
I'm thankful he loves and trusts the Lord.
What an intro to some pictures of our impromptu beach trip?! :) All that to say, We needed some time to just be together and enjoy each other in this busy time, a little afternoon vacation. We had both finished up our projects for the day and Monday afternoon was really the only family time we were going to have until next Saturday. Chad's week is super full and I had a bunch of stuff scheduled and needed to get the house ready for having guests this weekend. 
Over lunch, we were randomly talking about Oprah and real-estate, and how she bought this crazy place in Monticito...and so on... (We are really random I know)... but as we were talking we thought Montecito!...Santa Barbara!'s only an hour and a half away!?...let's go find it! So off to find Oprah's Monticito mansion we went! 
(this in't it, but isn't this a cool home)
We knew we probably wouldn't really find it :) but why not pack a picnic, go for a drive, get some fresh air, stick our toes in the sand, and an impromptu cruise around Montecito for the afternoon:) 
And hey! I packed a picnic basket for dinner, so we didn't spend a dime! 
We had the most wonderful time. Sweet time. Fun time. I think we hit a total of three parks that the boys played at, on our cruising adventure. 
I love them so much. They are awesome :)
Not too shabby of a park location :)
this is how we roll :)
Thankful, Thankful for what the Lord has given to me :) Enjoying some these blessings, CJ

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