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I really do think California is one of the most beautiful places on this earth. We've been on the coast and in the mountains all week, and it's all just so pretty. Maybe I'm a little bias, being from here and all =) But it really is beautiful! Where else can you ski and surf all in the same day?  
Enough of my love for California... 

Chad and I decided to have a little "stay-cation" this week. He was gone for 7 days last week, and we were needing some family hang time!  Since he still had work we couldn't go too far, so we decided to stay around town and enjoy this super fun place we live! We've been enjoying the beautiful coast and adventuring out to new places and new restaurants around town.  We also enjoyed the Camarillo Premium Outlets, that place has become quite the spot to shop! You name it they have it!

Also the rates at the "Brannon Hotel" are very reasonable this time of year =) It's kind of nice to be on vacation but still get to sleep in your own cozy bed! 

Here's a few pics from our "stay-cation".
 Nothing like a dancing monkey at the Santa Monica Pier =)
watching the waves coming in under the pier 
Beautiful rooftop eating  @ Santa Monica Place : Dining  If you haven't been here, you must go! Its awesome! Great place for a date or fun family outing! Santa Monica Place has all been re-done. It now has great designer shops, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and is kind of like a more modern Grove or Americana.
Thank you Mary for the amazing recommendation of  Sonoma Wine Garden, a fab roof top spot! The food was amazing, atmosphere was so cool and the view was beautiful! 
I'll take those lanterns for my patio =)
Live music and great lounge seating!
 This was another day @ ZuMA BeACH =)
Enjoying our vacation =)

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