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 Since having kids it feels like life hit turbo speed. It just feels like time is flying by so much faster than ever before. I'm sure part of that is watching a little lives grow before my eyes. And another part is me, not letting my plate and brain and life get so full that I miss these amazing times. My oh my these littles are getting big.

 I love being their mom and wouldn't trade it for the world. Best job I've ever had, (besides being Chad's wife) I say that and really mean it. I'm not meaning that it's easy, or that I'm never tired. It can be exhausting. ( I'm typing here waiting for the 4th load of laundry to finish in the washer at 11:41, probably won't be in bed before 12:30 and need to be up @5a.m., also Tuck is sleeping terribly these days. So not much sleep going on around here for me :)... All that to say, it's easy for time to just get to auto pilot or survival mode. I think that's when sweet little moments, simple fun and amazing shepherding and teaching times go unnoticed. These sweet little pics I found tonight of Hud and Ford a few years ago were wonderful reminders to me tonight to stay focused on what matters most, slow down and THRIVE in this season not just survive.
Enjoying my loves,

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