A New Little Season

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Every couple months I feel like the boys enter a new season. Wether it's them physically growing or changing relationally, getting older and maturing. Hud has recently come into a cool little season, he's now at an age where we have little conversations about life, each other and the Lord. He talks lot's and it constantly asking questions. Its so fun to see his heart and brain working and watching him grow into a little man. I'm really enjoying this new little season with him and pray the Lord continues to soften his heart to want to know and love the Lord. 
I pray for wisdom for him to see that nothing in this world compares to the love and hope we have in Jesus. I pray he grows to be a strong and godly man who loves and fears the Lord, and worships and glorifies Him with his life. I pray he sees that there's nothing he can do to earn Gods love, and that he would understand God's amazing grace at a young age.   I love you so much Huddy, and enjoy every second loving and teaching you. You are such a joy and you continue to teach me much about my own sin and need for Jesus.  The littles were napping the other day and hud and I enjoyed a little coloring session, here's a few pics:

Enjoying this little season, 

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