The CJLA Experience: Follow us on Socials!

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The CJLA Experience: Follow us on Socials!

Here at CJLA, we're more than just a fashion and clothing brand; we're a vibrant and growing community! Our presence extends far beyond our website: we're dedicated to connecting with women like you in unique and significant ways! Besides merely buying clothes, we want to make sure you get the full CJLA experience, so here's a showcase of all the platforms we're on!

1. Instagram: Your Daily Dose of CJLA

Our Instagram account @carlyjeanlosangeles is where our largest customer base gathers for all the CJLA goodness! Here, you can find frequent posts and updates on everything happening at CJLA. From try-ons of every piece to exciting prizes, livestreams, and giveaways, Instagram is the hub of our daily activity. Plus, we have a team of gals who are always ready to answer DMs and any questions you might have! 

2. Secondary Instagram Accounts: Connecting Deeper

But wait, there's more! We have secondary Instagram accounts that enhance your CJLA experience. First up, there's @cjlagirls, a community-based account designed to connect you with our incredible CJLA community. We love reposting and sharing photos of women rocking CJLA pieces, as well as fun behind the scenes content here at CJLA HQ. Share your experiences, preferences, and recommendations with others here! It's the ideal platform to share your feedback and engage with the amazing community of CJLA.

And for all the stylish men out there (or the women shopping for them), check out @1906collective. This account is your gateway to our men's brand, offering durable, comfortable, and stylish clothing. It's a classic and cool destination for the  men in your life looking for the perfect clothing all year long.

And finally, we have other Instagram accounts like @carlyjeanhome@carlyjeankids to see exclusive content for home decor and fun pieces for your kids to enjoy! 

3. Facebook: CJLA Insider Fun

Our Facebook account is all about engaging with our Facebook Insiders. We value your feedback and host fun events here, making it a special space to connect and interact with the CJLA community.

4. Pinterest: The Perfect Mood Board

If you're into mood boards and seeking inspiration, our Pinterest account is a must-follow. We curate our newest products, favorite looks, and aesthetics all in one place. You'll also find Carly's favorite recipes, home decor picks, and more. It's your go-to source for endless inspiration!

5. TikTok: Styling & Entertainment
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On TikTok, we bring you rapid-paced styling, tips + tricks, entertainment, and a dash of fun. Expect to see our latest pieces, unique styling tips, and videos designed to brighten your day. 

6. YouTube: CJLA in Motion

If TikTok and Instagram aren't your style, hop over to our YouTube channel! We compile our try-ons and top-notch content in one place for your convenience. It's a cohesive platform that simplifies your CJLA experience. Plus, our YouTube channel syncs with our app to ensure you never miss what's happening at CJLA.

7. The CJLA App: The Ultimate Shopping Experience

For the ultimate CJLA shopping experience, download the CJLA APP! It's your gateway to staying informed with timely notifications about all things CJLA. Access blog content, try-ons, and everything you need for a seamless shopping adventure right from your device!

With CJLA, the fashion journey doesn't stop at our website – it extends across these amazing platforms, offering you a variety of options to engage, get inspired, and stay connected with our community! Join us on these platforms and be a part of the CJLA magic!

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