Our Fave LA Local Spot: Farmshop

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Our Fave LA Local Spot: Farmshop
If you live in the LA area, then you are going to love FarmShop! Created in 2010, this local marketplace is dedicated to providing their customers with first-rate food while supporting Californian farmers and artisans. Tucked away in the Brentwood Country Mart in Santa Monica, CA, FarmShop is the perfect spot for five-star groceries, meals, coffee, bakery, and so much more! Carly is in love with the taste and quality of their food and coffee, and she makes it her routine to visit FarmShop regularly. 
As daily life picks up pace for 2023, we're excited to get back to the hustle and bustle. The Effortless Collection is designed to help gals be comfortable, put together, but most importantly, looking effortless. Brentwood is a city full of energy, with busy and on-the-go vibes. Carly named this signature blazer in this collection after Brentwood, perfect for navigating busy life with comfort. As our team was doing a photoshoot in Brentwood, we had to stop by FarmShop for our pick-me-up for the day. Tasty, high-quality, and simple coffee pairs so well with comfortable, stylish, and effortless pieces. And that is what FarmShop has to offer: high-quality, delicious, and inviting coffee to help you conquer your day. 
Besides the incredible coffee, FarmShop is such an adventurous place! After we ordered our coffee on our photoshoot day, we went around the shop and did some exploring! The produce that they have are such high quality and grown in California! And their baked goods are a game changer for your brunch dates! Speaking of brunch, FarmShop has a charming and delish restaurant for any meal of the day! Grabbing a light lunch or a family dinner night, FarmShop has everything you could ever ask for! The environment is enchanting and welcoming, and every employee has a fun story to tell. 

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