Event Planning Made EASY!

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Event Planning Made EASY!

Hello! This is Bri, Carly’s executive assistant! This season has been a whirlwind of events, and I thought y’all might enjoy a sneak peek into the process Carly and I use to plan and execute these parties! If you know Carly, you know she loves to throw a good party! And I can attest from first-hand experience, that she is one of the best party planners I know! If only all those parties weren’t planned for the same week! 😜  With all the busyness of life, we have simplified the planning process using an essential tool we have developed! So, don’t tell Carly, but I am going to be spilling her secrets over here! 🤫

This main tool we use is the party planning template. This template covers all the basic questions you need to ask when deciding on the details for your event. From the “who?” “what?” “when?” “where?” “why?” to the “what should we serve?” and the shopping list, to-do list and even a supply check-off list! This template narrows the focus of event planning to the essentials and helps keep us on track to make it all happen! We have used this template to pull off events the day before they occurred and our secret is always this template! 🙌🏻

There are two ways to use this template— Carly’s way and my way! 😉 Carly is a very visual + artistic planner so she loves to fill out this printed paper template with a pen so she can fill in details and even draw a little tablescape example or flower arrangement mock-up! In contrast, I personally prefer the digital version for ease of reference for event shopping on-the-go! I keep this template in my notes app and copy+paste it into a new note for quick fill-ins whenever we start planning! (I often take a picture of CJ’s handwritten version and include it at the bottom of the note for easy reference!) I just love the ability to “check off” the note in my app as I cross things off the list!

However you use this template, I can promise it will keep event planning streamlined and simple for you!

Here is the PDF and Word Document so that you can print and customize this for your own needs!

 Word Document

 PDF File 

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