"CJLA helps my wife feel beautiful, confident and comfortable"

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"CJLA helps my wife feel beautiful, confident and comfortable"
Neil reached out to us, via email, in hopes of surprising his wife for her birthday/Mothers Day/and the birth of their new baby! Here is a snippet of what he shared.
“My wife is obsessed with your clothes. We now have a clothes rack added to our bedroom because her closet is too full and we hung up a hat organizer to hold all her Carly Jean hats. Every year for her birthday and Christmas (maybe mainly Christmas) she sends me a list of CJLA clothes she wants. You can look at my account history and see the large orders around Christmas and May.
All this to say, my wife, Kellie, is a huge fan. I'm a little late at getting this email out, because her birthday is coming up soon, May 3rd. This year is going to be unique for us because my wife is pregnant with our second child, who is due May 13th (although we both think is coming earlier). Our daughter already has sweaters that match my wife's.
I don't have a specific request, more a general question. I would like to do something special for my wife for both (or either) her birthday and/or Mother's Day...I am just looking for ways to make her feel as special as she deserves it and she loves your company. She falls asleep every night watching CJLA stories and try-ons (is that a term?)”...
After some back and forth correspondence and planning, he was able to surprise his wife with a sweet gift. He later emailed in with an update.
“​​Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We kept expecting to have the baby and it just wasn’t happening. He is finally here, only 2 weeks late. I am reminded to write to you guys because we are sitting in a recovery room at a hospital after trying to have a home birth. Crazy circumstances led to my Kellie needing an emergency C-section. She is emotionally processing what happened to her and she looks over at me and says “oh I guess I need to look at Carly Jean and use the rest of my gift card.” Right after telling me how the Carly Jean baby blanket at home will be great. Thanks for being willing to help make her feel special, but also thanks for being the company you are. She really enjoys the clothes and the company mission.”
We asked them how long CJLA’s been a point of conversation in their home as well as how it has impacted them and here is what Kellie had to say!
“I discovered CJLA almost 3 years ago following Candace Cameron Bure on IG. I absolutely love her and she had nothing but amazing things to say about CJLA. I decided to check it out and instantly fell in love with this brand, the values, and the people. You all are amazing. I believe one of my first purchases ever was the black Sloan Dress and a kimono to wear to my baby shower.”
"CJLA has impacted me by making getting dressed super easy and fast. I love everything I own and feel cute and put together in whatever I decide to put on. It was also great being able to wear most of my pieces all the way through pregnancy without having to buy maternity clothes. CJLA has also made this postpartum period more manageable and comfortable. After having an emergency C section, I have been in a lot of pain and very swollen. I’ve been living in comfy pants like my Hannah Waffle Knit Pants, Melrose Pants, and all of my CJLA dresses. My favorite being, CJ's Favorite Midi Dress. This dress is an absolute must have for any new mama."
Here is what Neil had to say!


“Kellie has been buying CJLA for at least a few years now. I don’t remember exactly when, but I do know she fell in love with the clothes and the mission. She would tell me about the products and how some or all of the proceeds would go towards some charitable cause. I remember writing to you guys on instagram (not sure what I said, or why..) just to tell you that an impromptu CJLA fashion show was happening at our house! We had a bunch of friends over and Kellie was explaining the company to them. That turned into all the clothes coming downstairs and everyone was on their phones looking up the website (No app back then). It has been quite the conversation starter, in our house, for some time.
"CJLA helps my wife feel beautiful, confident and comfortable. She gets a ton of questions and compliments on where her clothes are from. Over the past few weeks, our family experienced a difficult birth process with our son. My strong, confident, powerful wife has been bed ridden and in a lot of pain. It has been a slow healing process where we focus on the small victories. Kellie hasn’t felt herself in her own body. Being able to put on her Carly Jean clothing brings her back to that confident place where she feels beautiful, put together, and comfortable."
And here’s a darling picture of their newest member. Welcome to the CJLA family little one! 
Thank you so much for sharing, Neil + Kellie! You are the sweetest couple and we are so grateful to have you as customers and for your encouragement to us as a company! Wishing you the best as a family of 4! 

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