Your Simple Guide to Kids Party Planning

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Your Simple Guide to Kids Party Planning

Creating the "perfect" party may seem like a daunting task, but we are here to tell you that the whole planning process and the party itself can be a piece of cake (no pun intended) and a whole lot of fun with this simple guide and a few quick tips! 

Step One: Have a Clear Vision

It always helps to get started with a clear vision. Start by creating a Pinterest board to gather inspiration and help guide the rest of the party planning process! This will help your decision making for the colors, a theme if you have one, food + recipes, etc! 

Step Two: Create a List + Timeline

After you have a clear vision, you can then start to break that down into the details and to-do's! Here is a simple list that we have created to help guide you! These are the basic elements of a party, so you can definitely add to it!

- Define a Budget. Set an overall budget for the party and then create a ballpark estimate for each of the items that you plan on buying (food, decor, favors, etc) so that you can stay within the budget! 

- Invitations. Go the more traditional route with sending paper invites in the mail, or use websites like Evite or Paperless Post to simply send them through text or email! You could even use apps like Canva or Procreate to design your own if you have a creative itch! 

- Guest List. Nail down who's coming and the expected number of guests so that you can plan accordingly. 

- Location. Are you going to stay at home? If so, inside or outside? Or are you going to meet at a park or rent out a space? These are all questions to ask yourself that will help you make decisions for the party!

- Food. This one is key since food is typically what makes a good party and is a sweet way to serve your guests! The meal doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, just thoughtful! You could cater some yummy food, or make your own! Meals like taco bars, grilled cheese bars, homemade pizza + salad, sandwich bar (here is a fun recipe!), baked potato bar, homemade chili + toppings, or a large homemade cheese chicken salad! These are all meals that are simple and affordable that your guests will love! For dessert, you could make a traditional cake, cupcakes, or even a dessert board! 

- Beverages. Water is a must, whether you have water bottles on hand or serve from a dispenser with ice! Other than water, some of our favorite quick + easy sweet drink recipes are, Strawberry Mint Lemonade and Watermelon Lemonade! 

- Decor. This part is so fun, but could also have the potential to be the most expensive! However, we are here to encourage you that you can create a sweet + welcoming space for your party through a lot of DIY and keeping it simple! Birthday banners, balloon arches (you can find DIY ones on amazon), and fresh flowers are typically all that you need! If you do not have the time for DIY, Etsy has great affordable options for party decor! 

- Serving. Another area to keep it simple is serving! Typically it depends on the type of party but there are a lot of great options for disposable plates + serving utensils that look fancy! Or you could find cheap reusable plates that you can use for other parties down the road! 

- Activities. Arts + crafts and outdoor lawn games are fun activities that you can't go wrong with at any party! Planning a craft is fun and memorable for your kiddos especially if it is something that they can take home and use! 

- Party Favors. A simple guide to follow for deciding on party favors is to ask yourself if it is something that your guests will actually use! Sending each guest home with a thoughtful favor to thank them for coming is a great way to end the day + wrap up the meaningful time celebrating together! 


Step Three: Remember to enjoy the experience of celebrating your loved one, rather than stressing over small details! 

Stressing over the small details of a party defeats the purpose of celebrating your kiddo! Remember, at the end of the day the hope is for your loved one to feel so special on their big day and to serve everyone that comes! 


A Few Quick Tips:

- When you are getting ready for the party, make sure the environment smells good (a candle or yummy food cooking/baking), tastes good (always have prepared food + drink for hungry/thirsty guests--doesn't have to be complicated just thoughtful!), and sounds good (a fun playlist ready to go- here is a fun playlist!). 

- Ask for any food sensitivities from your guests on the invite so you can plan ahead

- Most of the items needed for your kids party can be found at any dollar store (we love 99 cent store!). There are hidden treasures there for so cheap! Here are some ideas of what we have done in the past!

  • Tote bags with each guests name on it written in sharpie (as shown in the photo above) full of some snacks that also kept all of their belongings during the party at a trampoline park! 
  • Candlesticks + vases as table decor
  • The party section is full of fun items (as shown below at Navy's birthday) + decor, so be sure to always check that out! 




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