CJLA Girls Stories: Marissa Lively

CJLA Girls Stories: Marissa Lively
Hey CJLA Girls! We are so excited to share today's CJLA Girls Story with you. We were lucky enough to chat with CJLA Girl Marisa Lively. Marissa, thank you so much for taking the time to share a little bit about yourself with us. Enjoy Marissa's full interview below!


CJLA: Tell us about yourself!

MARISSA: Hi CJLA community! So excited to be able to share a little bit about myself and why I love CJLA so much! My name is Marissa, I'm 23 and live just outside of Seattle, WA. I'm married to my high school sweetheart/best friend and we are coming up on our 2nd anniversary! I currently nanny for 3 little girls and it is so fun.

CJLA: How did you find CJLA?

MARISSA: I heard about CJLA through a mutual friend who won a giveaway. From there I found myself deep in the Insta story highlights watching all of them and learning all about capsule wardrobes!

CJLA: Carly Jean Los Angeles is more than clothes, it's a community! Why do you love being a member of the CJLA community?

MARISSA: It didn't take me long to fall in love with the clothes and community here at CJLA. I actually started my little makeup business @theredefinedbeauty because I was going through CJLA tagged photos trying to find ways to style my Sailor Kimono and I stumbled upon a friend and it led me to starting my own Instagram business! CJLA is such an encouraging community that brings joy and friendship and confidence to so many women. I absolutely love EVERYTHING they do.

CJLA: What are your three all-time favorite CJLA capsule pieces?

MARISSA: If I had to pick my top three favorite CJLA pieces it would have to be the Evelyn, the Sloan Dress and the Carter Jeans!

CJLA: Why does the capsule concept work for you and your lifestyle?

MARISSA: The capsule wardrobe concept has been a game changer for me because I need clothes that are cute and comfy, but that also work for playing and running around with three little girls! I love that it takes the guess work out of getting ready.

CJLA: How has having a capsule wardrobe helped to simplify your life?

MARISSA: I know that I can go into my closet and mix + match my pieces, know that they can last for years and look so cute! That's been so helpful for me!

CJLA: What is your favorite CJLA piece to style?

MARISSA: You can always see me styling the Evelyn with leggings for a casual look, with a fun pair of denim or over my favorite dress!

CJLA: If you had to describe CJLA to a friend using only three words what would they be?

MARISSA: To me, CJLA is inspiring, encouraging and timeless!


  • Riz is amazing! She’s the one that introduced me to CJLA and I’ve been loving it since! Go riz!! :)
  • I couldn’t agree more with all her answers! :)

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