Carly's Fall Favorites!

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Carly's Fall Favorites!

Summer is now officially behind us, and here at CJLA HQ, we are in full fall mode! We're bringing out all the fall leaves, candles, and lattes this season! But the best part about the fall season is the style change! Jewel tones, muted florals, and plushy knits are the name of the game this season. And our founder Carly has so many favorite pieces that are perfect for the cooler weather! We hope that these inspire you to embrace the fall season with CJ's Fall Faves!

CJ's September Faves

Having a fall wardrobe is essential for enjoying the beautiful season! And there's no better spot for fall wardrobe inspo than 'CJ's September Faves' tab on the site! Every month, Carly hand picks her favorite pieces from our latest collections, as well as some evergreen staples on the site. Be sure to check out CJ's September Faves here! Now, let's do a deep dive into Carly's favorite tops, dresses, layers, staples, and accessories to really complete your fall look.

Favorite Staples

While having tons of fall seasonal pieces are fun, it is always important to have a foundation of staple pieces, that look good during any season! Starting off with the Rachel Tanks, these tops are perfect for every outfit! Produced locally, these pieces are double-lined, buttery soft and stretchy, and perfectly flattering for every gal! And they are essential to complete your fall wardrobe! Next, a solid pair of wide leg denim is needed! Between buttery soft Sea Salt Hendrix, a classic hard denim Malibu Jeans, or the ultra-wide leg Holland Jeans, your denim for fall is set! And don't forget to include a jacket this season! Having a slim-fit denim jacket like the Fletcher Jacket is a great way to layer your looks with a flattering and comfortable piece!

Fave Tops

At the heart of a good fall closet are sweaters, sweaters, sweaters! And this fall, our launches are full of fun and cozy sweaters and long sleeves! And while we have dozens of new sweaters here at CJLA, there are a few that rise to the top of Carly's faves list! First, we have the Braelyn Sweater, which is a beautiful knit top! Designed with a crocheted look, muted colors, and a fun and flattering fit, this sweater will soon become one of your fall staples. Next, the Maren Sweater is the definition of plushy and cozy! The buttery soft knit feels like crushed velvet on the skin, and the beautiful fall tones make this layer ridiculously easy to wear! And last but so not least, we have the Charlie Sweater, which is like the pullover version of the Maren! Designed with that same plushy-soft material but with a darling and cozy drawstring hood. These three sweaters are essential for having a perfectly cozy and comfy fall closet!

Fave Layers

Of course, a good closet cannot be complete without layers! Wether you're looking for a neutral fall closet, or a few pieces to add a pop of color, then these layering pieces are for you! Firstly, the Lennon Cardigan is the perfect pastel layer for a breezy and lightweight fall look. Crafted with a plushy knit, which is so soft that you'll never want to take it off! Plus, the fun wooden buttons add the perfect fall touch! And for the gals who want a more lightweight layer, the Bradley Top is the perfect addition to your closet! The striped cotton fabric is so gentle and easy on the skin, and those neutral tones are perfect for any season, especially fall! And lastly, the Clark Cardigan is the perfect fall pop! The checkered yarn fabric is so iconic and soft, that it will become a fall staple for your closet!

Favorite Dresses

Dresses are the easiest and best way to add a feminine touch in your closet, no matter what season! The Janessa Dress is perfect for those bohemian fall looks! With the ultra-flow and boxy fit, the vibrant fabric is easy to wear and is flattering on every gal! And for the gals who still crave a pastel look, the Fleur Dress is perfect for fall! Designed with that stretchy smocked fabric, this piece is so easy to layer for every season of the year! And for the gals who want a classic neutral look for fall, the Carissa Dress in oat is a beautiful addition to your fall closet! The cotton fabric rests gently on the skin, providing a relaxed and comfortable fit. Plus, that ruffled strap detail is the perfect touch of femininity. And lastly, the Iris Dress is a beautiful tencel dress that is stunningly soft on the skin. And the naturally boxy fit is too good to turn down! 

Favorite Accessories

Of course, wearing your clothing is one thing, but styling your clothing is the best way to make your clothes unique to you! And there's no better way to stylize your wardrobe than with accessories! Starting off with shoes, the Braided Rhodes Sandals are the perfect shoe for a cute and classy everyday look. The leather straps are comfortable on the skin and the braided texture is perfect for a neutral fall capsule! If you're looking to add a hint of elegance, the Emma Necklace is a subtle yet delicate necklace that instantly elevates your outfits! Made with a beautiful gold chain, and pearl details, this necklace is bound to become a go-to for your fall looks! For the gals wanting a more bold look, the Fifi Bangle Bracelets are perfect for an easy pop of gold to your look! And of course, add a sporty look to your outfits with the Carly Jean Hat! This trucker-styled hat is super comfortable and easy to wear, and gives adds a classic CJLA look to your fall collection! 

Hopefully Carly's list of favorites was an inspiration for you to build your own wardrobe for fall! Be sure to shop CJ's September Faves for more fun details, and be on the lookout for fun new fall pieces coming to CJLA soon. Happy Shopping!  

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