5 Steps to Refreshing Your Closet

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5 Steps to Refreshing Your Closet

The new year is a beautiful time to reflect on the past year & look forward to new goals. One of those for you might be purging your closet and starting fresh! I know it seems scary, but cleaning out your closet doesn’t have to be a long, hard thing. We will walk you through 5 EASY steps you can do to purge your closet, get a clearer picture as to what you REALLY need!

Feeling overwhelmed by your closet? We are here to help you start and finish this project like a pro.  

1. Get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy. 

As Mari Kondo says, if it doesn’t spark joy get rid of it! No need to hold onto something that doesn't make you feel comfortable & confident. Every item in your closet should be something you LOVE and are excited to put on in the morning! Anything less is not worth keeping. If you don't feel good in your clothes.. you will never wear it! 

Pro Tip: Try-On EVERYTHING in your closet and ask yourself the question, do you LOVE how you feel when you put it on?  When was the last time you wore this piece? 2, maybe 3 YEARS ago?! If either of these are the case, get rid of it.  

2. Reassess Your Life 

If you are a mom on the go who's always running around and bending over, your wardrobe should look different from the gal who works a 9-5 in a corporate job. The same goes for weather! The gal who lives in the mid-west or east coast will have a different wardrobe than the SoCal gal who never sees the temperature drop below 60 degrees!  Whatever your lifestyle looks like, the majority of your wardrobe should reflect that! 

3. Get Back to Basics 

Okay... so you have a closet of clothes you love, but you STILL feel like you don't know how to mix & match those pieces?  It might be because you need to go BACK to BASICS! Try a simple white tee, like Cj's Favorite Boyfriend Tee. It's comfy, roomy, and good for maternity, nursing, & postpartum. On top of this, a classic layering piece like the Cj's Favorite Ribbed Long Sleeve is crucial. This will be your base as you build outfits.


4. Re-organize your closet so you can SEE everything you have!                     
Once you have gotten rid of everything that doesn’t spark joy, we recommend organizing your closet in a way that allows you to see everything you own! Yep, that means no more shoving things in the back corner! This way, nothing will get forgotten about and you will be able to wear all the pieces all year round!                                                                                                                          
5. Assess what to ADD to your capsule                                                                       
Now that you know what you own ( & you love it all!!), it's time to think about purchasing new capsule staple pieces that you are missing. If you're at a loss with what a capsule is, click here for our free guide to learn more about how a capsule will transform your life! Take your time in adding pieces to your wardrobe, it doesn't have to happen all at once and it doesn't have to be a lot. If you find you're missing a solid denim jacket in your closet that you LOVE, consider holding on to the one you do have until you can invest in a better quality one, such as the Hunter Jacket                                 
We hope these tips were helpful in cleaning out your closet and creating the capsule wardrobe you've always wanted! We cannot wait for you to take back the time it takes getting dressed in the morning, so you can spend it on what's more important in life! Don't forget to download our FREE Capsule Guide to get started today! 

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