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Our sweet friend Jill, who serves on High School Staff with us lives in Long Beach. Faithful is probably the best word to describe her. Jill works and lives in LB and commutes over an hour to come to Grace Community Church. She not only does that drive on Sunday mornings, but does anywhere from 2-4 times a week to serve and be with high school students and staff...that's faithfulness and commitment! And she never complains about it, she always does it with joy and a great attitude! 

 So, all that to say... it was about time "the valley" came to Long Beach! Chad ended up going on a retreat weekend with the Bible study leaders, so the boys and I headed to Long Beach for a day in Jill's supper cute hood! Other friends Laura and Sarah joined us and we all had a blast! We enjoyed the Aquarium of the Pacific, a must see for people of all ages, the kids loved it and so did the adults!

We got to touch the sting rays!

Hands on tide pools...

Me and the shark boy!

Hudson, Laura (lolo) and the LARA bar =) (lolo bar)

Fordy getting a little sleepy.

The cool big shark!

After the aquarium.... we headed to lunch at the adorable and delicious Lucille's BBQ,  which is in a super cute area with great shops, just blocks from the beach! The biscuits and apple butter were rocking, the BBQ salads and sandwiches were SO good, and it had a great atmosphere!
And then if we weren't stuffed enough , a few hours later we went dinner at Jill's local spot Jongewaard’s Bake 'n Broil which had some of the tastiest homemade food! The soups are delicious and all the pies and cakes are baked in house. The red velvet cake was one of the best! I'm kind of craving this place right now =)
Also we went to My Sweet & Saucy the bake shop of a blogger I stumbled upon while poking on some blogs a while back, super cute shop and yum treats, I brought back to Chad. The vanilla lemon cupcake and peanut butter cupcakes were pretty yummy! Jill thank you for a wonderful day! We can't wait to come do it again soon!
It was much enjoyed =)


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