Christmas 2012 Photos with Emma Leigh

Here's our latest family pics from {emmaleigh} =) Hire her. She's wonderful =) Here's the comment I left on her blog after she posted the shoot:
Thank you for another wonderful shoot! I can't wait to put these up in the Emma Gallery, also known as our house =) You have incredible talent. Shooting a couple or a new baby, most photographers can do. But shooting a family with 3 squirmy and half the time tired or crabby, little ones and getting amazing photos, now that's talent! Really! Your sweetness and patience I think is the secret to your success =) I remember saying over and over "did we get anything good? Did we get at least one shot." Well we definitely got more than one!! We got a million great shots! Thank you for your wonderful work, you are such a joy!
Carly and the boys =)
Also, I couldn't have been more happy with Melissa Mathews who did my make-up! She is awesome! She does weddings and special events, and I had been wanting pro-make up for our next shoot because it looks so much better in photos. She's wonderful, hire her too (you can email me for her info) =) blog023 blog009 blog224 blog238 blog247 blog210 blog197 blog203 blog185 blog182 blog165 blog145b&w blog152 brannon3 blog102 blog111 blog098 blog087 blog082 blog059 blog047 blog028 blog032

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