What She Didn't Tell You

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THROWBACK POST: I had to dig up this oldie, but goodie! Wrote this back in 2011 and the rave review still applies =) So I posted below, about a foodie friends favorite LA spots. Chad and I try to do date nights on Thursdays and so last night we thought we'd try the Oinkster in Eagle Rock. Sounds healthy huh! =) Sue's comment of best fries ever? Really?? We were too curious and had to give it a try. Also I love Eagle Rock, I can get my Venice fix and I don't have to go far at all! 
Ok, so what she didn't tell you was...everything at this place is amazing!! We went thinking we'd grab a burger and try these rockin fries, and were quite pleasently surprised to eat some of the yummiest burgers and pastrami sandwiches we've ever had! She's totally right, the fries are pretty amazing, but I had to add the food is too!! Chad ordered the "Royal" a burger with grueyre cheese, caramelized onions, chili. He ate the whole thing. I ordered the "oinkster" pastrami which was THE BEST PASTRAMI sandwich I've ever had =) It's quite large too, I'm eating the other half as I type...
Also, the gal that rung us up told us about happy hour: Monday-Friday 3-6 p.m. they have half price burgers and fries, with the purchase of a drink!! oh, and inteligensia iced tea is an option =)
It's a must try!! Enjoy! 

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