Protein Pancakes

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Ok, I don't know if I am going to be able to communicate how excited I am about these things?! Protein pancakes are our new favorite thing!! They are SO YUMMY and can be done a million different ways. My friend Melinda gave me this recipe after I told her my boys were bottomless pits and were always hungry?! It is a great way to "sneakily" get protein in and avoid them snacking on unsatisfying carbs. You can make them sweet or savory and they are not only for kids =) They taste like a crepe and a pancake hybrid and you would never guess they are mainly made of eggs and cottage cheese?! You just combine these ingredients in a blender and blend til smooth,
[yumprint-recipe id='57'] Delish! 
Tomorrow we are going savory! I'm going to add spinach, mushrooms and feta to the mix! I'll let ya, know how it goes:)
Try these! I promise you'll enjoy

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