Throwback: Restoration Mirror Re-Vamp Chalkboard

A few years ago Chad and I were driving out of a shopping center and spotted this fabulous mirror dumped @ the back door of Restoration Hardware. We flipped the car around and found a beautiful beveled mirror with a nice big crack down the middle of it ... one mans junk is another mans treasure! This is the exact mirror we found: Venetian Beaded Mirror ! Score =)...we were going to do something cool with this thing! I must admit it sat in the garage for a while, but it was just to interesting to get rid of. Finally, the idea came! A chalk board! I had been wanting a fun chalk board for our dinning room or kitchen, something unique to put menus on. This was the perfect thing! First, I took the broken mirror out of the frame. I taped it all off so that it didn't shatter everywhere and then broke the mirror out. Next, I went to Home Depot and bought a piece of luan plywood board. I was a dork and didn't have my measurements with me so we had to cut it when we got home. Home depot will cut it for you there which is a total time saver! I brought the board home and Chad cut it and primed it for me. Several hours later we painted a coat of chalk board paint on and then painted another coat 1 hour later. After it was totally dry, I drilled in the new board into the back or the frame, and voila! The chalk board was complete!  This could really be done with any frame! Find a cool mirror or frame, small or big, and turn it into a chalk board. A small one could make a fun gift or Christmas present given with a little box of white chalk =) DSC_1187



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