Throwback: Getty Villa

Here's some pic's of a great Saturday our little family had some time ago. We spent the afternoon @ J. Paul Getty's Malibu Villa. We were actually just cruising the coast with Hud taking a nap in the backseat and drove in to check it out. We only paid for parking and the tickets to get in were free. We later learned that there is a little bus system that runs from a parking lot of of the property, so you can save and not have to pay for parking or the ticket, so it's totally free! It is quite a place to see. We strolled through all of the museum and enjoyed one of the most delicious lunches! I think one of my favorite parts was the amazing food! Chad had the " best burger he has ever had!" (that is quite a statement =) and Hudson and I had an awesome butternut squash soup and roasted chicken sandwich. I should be talking about the incredible artifacts and antiquities, but I think I most enjoyed the beautiful location, great food and fabulous architecture!   

We certainly enjoyed the day,



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