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NEW Bohemian Jewelry


| Left: Silver Statement Necklace | Middle: Coin Necklace | Right: Teal and Silver Coin Necklace |


| Right: Blush Arrowhead Earrings | Left: Grey Arrowhead Arrows |

| Middle Left: Wood Gold "V" Bracelet | Middle Right: Gold Arrowhead Necklace |


| Left: Gold Sun Stone Drop Earrings | Right:  Coin Drop Earings |

 Products Used:

| Silver Statement Necklace | Coin Necklace | Teal and Silver Coin Necklace |

| Blush Arrowhead Earrings | Grey Arrowhead Arrows | Wood Gold "V" Bracelet

Gold Arrowhead Necklace | Gold Sun Stone Drop EarringsCoin Drop Earrings |

Hope you enjoy!


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