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Ok, all I have to say is, good job Old Navy! I was so impressed with there new fall collection, I had to snag up some pieces for Navy! Such cute pieces, such great deals! I hate spending a ton on pieces that will be quickly be grown out of, so I loved these fab price points that did not miss a beat on style. Here's a few of the pieces I snagged up this week... Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 7.02.15 PM

| Shirt | Pants |


| Top Left: Striped Dress | Top Right: Grey Dress |

| Bottom Left: Red Plaid Dress | Bottom Right: White Plaid Dress |


| Left: Shirt | Middle: Pants | Right: Shoes |


| Left: Shoes | Middle: Pants | Right: Shirt |


| Left: Pink Shirt | Middle: Striped Shirt | Right: Grey Shirt |


| Left: Jean Jacket | Middle: Grey Romper | Right: Blue Romper |


| Top Left: Chambray | Top Right: Hello Kitty Shirt |

| Bottom Left: Jersey Legging | Bottom Right: Shoes |

 Hope you enjoy!


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