Meet CJLA Girl Olivia!

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Meet CJLA Girl Olivia!

Our customers are truly what makes CJLA so special!

Check out Olivia's experience with CJLA and how it makes her life easier as a mama!


Hi everyone! I’m Olivia and I’m from Vancouver, Washington, which, if you aren’t familiar with the Pacific Northwest, is essentially an extension of Portland, Oregon. My husband and I have been married seven and a half years and have four kids (three boys, one girl) ranging from 3 months to 6 years. I'm a working mama and work from home as a social worker. I'm a creature of comfort, a lover of iced coffee and Mexican food, a photographer, and a type B personality masquerading as a type A. I don’t take myself too seriously,  and while I thought for years I was afraid of change, have discovered I actually crave it.

1) How did you hear about CJLA?

I stumbled across CJLA on the explore page (I’m not even sure if that’s what it’s called…) when I was pregnant with my now six year old. I followed but waited to purchase until he was born. The first pieces I ordered were a few of the CJ's Favorite Tee's and a pair of jeans; I think they were called the classics, and then it’s snowballed from there!

2) How has CJLA served you?

CJLA has been a constant in my life since I discovered it and has carried me through three pregnancies, one miscarriage, career shifts and adjustments, postpartum, hospital stays for me, as well as for my kids and just about everything in-between. While I wouldn’t say I stick to a specific capsule wardrobe method (I can’t seem to be a minimalist to save my life) I have consistently found pieces that combine comfort and style. CJLA allows me to be a mom, but still feel put together; it allows me to accidentally wake up late, grab a dress and be out the door in minutes! CJLA has given my confidence and helped me embrace my body through each and every change. It’s helped me not only reconcile that my babies have changed my body, but it has encouraged me to celebrate and embrace those changes.

3) What are your top 5 CJLA repeat pieces in your closet?

My favorite pieces of all time; that feels like a trick question! As hard as it is to pick only a top five, I know without doubt, the Fletcher Jean Jacket makes the list, followed by the Evelyn Top in every single color way (I’m not sure if multiple colors is cheating or not) and the Stella Dress. I also absolutely adore the Alaina Dress and Brenna Romper from last year and of course the Chase Hoodie. And while I know this puts me at 7, not five, there is this black and white floral romper ground years ago that I still wear all summer every summer and am absolutely in love with!

Thank you so much for sharing Olivia! We are so grateful that you choose to shop small with CJLA! 

Check out Olivia's takeover on our @cjlagirls instagram where she shows her favorite CJLA pieces and how they simplify her life! 


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