Mammas We Love: Korie Robertson

Mammas We Love: Korie Robertson

Hi CJLA Girls! In honor of Mother's Day we wanted to take a moment to chat with some of our favorites mammas! We had the pleasure of interviewing CJLA Girl Korie Robertson as part of our Mammas We Love Mother's Day series. We hope you enjoy learning more about Korie and her story. Read the full interview below!


CJLA: Tell us your story! How did your business get started?

KORIE: Duck Commander started when my father-in-law invented a duck call back in the 70’s.  Thankfully he and my mother-in-law stuck with it during the times when they were barely making it so that we could end up as co-owners with them one day.  When Willie and I first came to work with the company, we launched the website  This was in the early days of online shopping, and we ran that part of the business out of our home.  Filling orders from our garage and answering the phone and customer emails at all hours of the day and night. We moved from our home eventually to a warehouse, when we bought it we thought we would never fill it up. Now that warehouse holds our offices, gift shop, and the Duck Commander Tour and we do most of our shipping out of another large warehouse down the road. 

CJLA: We¹d love to know a little bit about what a normal day looks like for you. Can you tell us about what a day in your shoes is like?

KORIE: Every day is different.  Duck Commander is running pretty well so I’m not as involved in the day to day.  Most days I work from our home office responding to emails, writing blogs, preparing a message, or recording a podcast and spending most of my time on our newest venture, a production company, Tread Lively. Through having Duck Dynasty we saw the power of entertainment and the value of having positive, family friendly, hope-filled entertainment out there and wanted to be a part of bring more of that to the world.  So a typical day starts with coffee and bible reading/prayer, work, lunch (with family, co-worker or friend) work, afternoon walk to visit the grand babies (thankfully they live on our property so I get to see them pretty much every day!), Dinner (Willie is an amazing cook, shoutout to husbands who cook!), then wrap up with a tennis match with the fam or crashing on the sofa to watch one of our favorite shows (Survivor, American Idol, or our guilty pleasure Married ay First Sight, ha!) 

CJLA: What is one of the most important lessons you've learned through your journey?

KORIE: One of my favorite quotes, “If you try and fail, you aren’t a failure, you’re a risk-taker.”  You have to take risks, but also along with that, you have to be content with what you have.  I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but if Kay and Phil had not been okay with living on little to pursue their big dream then Duck Commander would have never made it past the first few years. In the times when we’ve made the big leaps, we’ve had to be content with where we were until the success caught up with the dream, or if it never did we had to know that we would be okay either way. One of the things my dad always said to us, "if we lose it all tomorrow, we’ll be fine because what is really important, is priceless."

CJLA: Tell us about your community! What women and support systems do you have in your life?

KORIE: I’m really blessed to have a family full of strong, kind, fun, hard-working, faith-filled women. Beyond those in my family, I have a best friend that I can tell anything to that lives in my hometown, and friends from all walks of life across the country that I can go to for advice or prayers or encouragement.  I don’t think you need a lot of friends, just a few that you can tell anything to and who you know will tell you the truth. Very thankful to have that!

CJLA: Carly Jean Los Angeles is an amazing community of women. Why do you love being part of the CJLA community?

KORIE: I love how CJLA donates money to awesome non-profits for adoption, stopping sex trafficking, etc. and uses its platform to make people aware of the important work. Also, CJLA is fun!  You can sense the spirit of the company and can tell Carly and the whole crew loves what they do. I think the style is inspirational and aspirational without being unreachable! 

CJLA: What is your go-to CJLA outfit?

KORIE: My go-to outfit is the Chrissy Jeans, one of CJ's Fave Basic tees or tanks and the Katherine Cardigan! 

CJLA: For any readers who may be visiting your neck of the woods, what part of town do you live in and where are your favorite places to eat, explore and hangout? 

KORIE: We live in West Monroe, Louisiana.  I’ve lived here my entire life, except for the college years. I love to travel, but love having family all around, and love the hospitality of a small town.

Breakfast: Standard Coffee (Honey Latte and Lemon Ricotta Scone)

Lunch: Miss Kay’s Sweets and Eats (Chicken Pot Pie)

Snacks:  Fiesta Nutrition (Smoothies and Acai Bowls)

Dinner: Love Parish (brussel sprouts) and Cotton (duck wraps)

Favorite place to walk and shop: Antique Alley (antiques, vintage items, and boutiques)

CJLA: What is your favorite part of being a mom?

KORIE: I’ve loved every single stage of being a mom (well love might be a strong word for the middle school years, ha)! I love watching our kids learn new things and chase their dreams. I’m their biggest cheerleader and learn from them daily!

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  • Awww I love this!!! Love this family and their influence all over the world!! Loved the show soo much….I currently don’t get to watch it because I don’t get the channel, but I adore it!! I need to get the dvds… So sweet to feature her!! And you guys are truly amazing!!! Thank you for the fashion inspiration, and the life inspiration…Jesus is apparent in it all!! I have loved being a part of this community in the short time I have been here! Thank you for making me feel so welcome!

    Blessings to you all!



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