Made locally, with love

Made locally, with love
We are so excited to share that there is officially an entire section of our website dedicated to products that are made right here in LA! Supporting local artists, businesses and manufacturers is something that means a lot to the entire CJLA team and we hope that this new Made in LA tab will make it easier to find all of our locally made products. 
From jewelry and accessories to basics and other capsule staples, this tab will be your go-to spot for shopping locally made goods. As we launch more products that are made in LA we will add them into the Made in LA tab. 
Is there another tab or collection of items that you'd like to see on our website? Something that would make your shopping experience better? Let us know in the comments! We love hearing from CJLA Girls.
The CJLA Team


  • This is so cool! Thank you CJLA for doing so much good! Best clothes, great community, kindest hearts!

    Alyssa DiTomaso
  • Wow! Can’t wait to see more of this. As the person above mentioned, it’s always incredibly important to me as well to shop ethically! Stoked to hear that a company who I value so much for their quality materials, neutral fashion and affordability is also taking this step ♥️ thank you!
    Caiti H
  • This is one of the reasons I love CJLA! Love that some pieces are made in LA although I would love for every piece to be made in LA and not be imported 🤍

  • Thank you for these shopping options! I want to shop local as much as possible.

    Becky G.
  • Love that you guys make this a priority!! 🤍

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