How to Make Spring Cleaning EASY!

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How to Make Spring Cleaning EASY!

Spring is just around the corner, and our team here at CJLA is so excited for pastel colors, warmer weather, and new spring styles! But with the winter season in the rearview mirror, some of our closets feel cluttered and overwhelming. We all know that we need to do some spring cleaning, but exactly how do we do it? Is it possible to make spring cleaning stress-free and super easy? Here at CJLA, we definitely think so! We make it our passion to make sure all of our gals find their closets easy, minimal, and versatile! That is why we exist: to declutter your closets and give you confidence in the clothes you wear!

From closets to kitchens, decluttering and cleaning is necessary and helpful! Clearing the chaos and returning to square one can allow you to think clearly, take inventory, and feel cohesive! Let's reset our wardrobes and our homes this spring for a stress-free and cohesive life. By following some simple steps below, spring cleaning can be refreshing, relaxing, and giving results!

1. Don't do it all in one day

Spring cleaning can feel like a daunting task... if we try to cram it all into a single day or weekend. While this method can work for some people, the rest of us feel less motivated to clean if we're overwhelmed! By breaking up the cleaning process over a longer period of time, like a week or two, cleaning our homes can feel like a piece of cake! You can even make a cleaning schedule to keep things manageable, like doing one or two rooms per day.

The same thing applies to your wardrobe too! Don't throw away half of your clothes and buy dozens more in the same day. Instead, treat your closet as a process, and give yourself time and space to do each step stress-free!

2. Tackle one room at a time

If you spread out your workspace too much, it gets easier to lose track of what you're doing. When you are ready to clean, fully focus on one room at a time. Dust, wipe, vacuum, sweep, do everything you can to get that room looking brand new! And then when you're done with one, move on to the next!

Our closets should also be treated like it's own room! When we're ready to tackle our wardrobe, we shouldn't worry about any other cleaning tasks at that moment. 

3. Piles, piles, PILES

When you're cleaning out storage, cabinets, or closets, making piles is one of the easiest and best ways to sort through your items, while also organizing and taking inventory! The three easiest piles to create are: keep, donate, and throw awayYour keep pile will be everything that you are keeping that is in good condition, useful, and that you use regularly! The donate pile is mainly for home decor and clothing, and they can be anything that you don't use anymore, or clothing that is too small. The throw-away pile is for any trash, damaged items, or expired products! 

This principle is important for all of our spaces, but we often forget about certain areas where this is necessary too! Be sure to organize and sort through your purses/bags, your cosmetics + toiletries, and your fridge/pantry. 

Don't forget to do this to your closet too! Put away any pieces that you won't wear until next winter, toss out any damaged or permanently stained pieces, and donate anything you don't wear anymore! Watch as your cluttered closet transforms into a breathable wardrobe that is minimal and easy!

4. Clean your cleaners

One of the most missed things when we clean... is our cleaners! From vacuums to washing machines, kitchen appliances, and everything in between, cleaning your appliances is one of the best ways to help you spring clean! Get that rug looking spotless by emptying out the vacuum cleaner! Or, make sure your clothes are getting that deep clean they need by cleaning out the gunk in the washing machine! There are plenty of tutorials online to quickly and easily clean your tools and appliances. You will see a significant difference in performance, as well as keeping every crevice of your house clean!

5. Your nose knows

They way that things smell can be a good indicator if they need to be cleaned or not! If there's a funky scent coming from your fridge, then it's more than likely something is expiring soon. Get rid of those unwarranted smells and replace them with fresh fragrances and watch your house transform!

The same thing applies for your wardrobe too! If you've worn some repeated pieces that don't smell clean anymore, it's a good indicator to clean those! Using some fabric softener or fabric scents can also help your clothes smell cleaner longer!

6. Don't do it alone

Even after all these tips and tricks, spring cleaning can feel like a big job to do alone. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed about your cleaning, never be afraid to ask for help! Employ your kids to clean up their own spaces, or ask some of your friends to come over and help out! 

We all understand the importance of keeping our spaces tidy and clean, but it can feel like a mountainous project. With some of these tips, you can make spring cleaning an easy and stress-free project! When your home is clean and your closet is organized, your daily life will feel less stressed and more cohesive!

If you've cleaned out your closet, and you're left with nothing but bare bones, no problem! Hit 'refresh' on your wardrobe this season and let us help you build your forever foundation for your wardrobe! From core staples, to comfy layering sweaters, to everything in between, we make it our passion to give you maximum outfits out of minimal pieces! Shop at CJLA now and start building you permanent closet today. 

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