CJLA Girls Story: Rachel Tallman

  • by Lauren Burchill
CJLA Girls Story: Rachel Tallman

Hey CJLA Girls! We hope you're all having a lovely week and that you're enjoying the Tent Sale! Today we have another special CJLA Girls Story to share with you. We had the pleasure of chatting with Rachel Tallman. Rachel shared her CJLA story with us and told us about her capsule and why she loves it. You can read her full interview below. Enjoy!

CJLA: Tell us about yourself!

RACHEL: My name is Rachel Tallman. I'm a 25 year old living in Ontario, Canada with my husband Andy and our cat Harvey. I work with people with disabilities in a group home and also run a paper crafting YouTube channel called Paperventures!

CJLA: How did you find CJLA?

RACHEL: I found out about CJLA through my friend Angie who thought I'd like the company for their capsule wardrobe philosophy and the cute, comfortable clothing... she was right!

CJLA: CJLA is more than clothes, it's a community! Why do you love being a member of the CJLA community?

RACHEL: I love being a member of the CJLA community because it's a place of positivity, kindness and a love for these high quality, cute pieces of clothing! I have "met" so many sweet people through this community and our love for CJLA clothes. I feel like I have a whole new group of friends online through this clothing company who are so incredibly kind and inclusive. Not to mention, the kind and compassionate people who run the business. I always feel comfortable messaging on the CJLA Instagram account because they're thoughtful, compassionate and caring. They want you to find the right size and pieces to make you feel your best!

CJLA: What are your three all-time favorite CJLA capsule pieces?

RACHEL: My go-to summer piece is the Erica Jumpsuit! It's a piece that's currently out of stock but it is a stretchy, loose, cute jumpsuit I bought last summer and I get a compliments on it every single time I wear it. My second favorite CJLA piece is the Chrissy Jeans. I love the boyfriend fit of them and how comfortable they are. Even though they are a harder denim, they're not tight and the rips are in all the right places. They're totally my style and I could never go without these! Lastly, I would have to pick the Eden Tank. I have it in multiple colors and it just simply makes me feel good when I wear it! I love that they're double lined and they fit in all of the right places. The shape is so timeless and I can wear it with any pair of pants or with skirts!

CJLA: Why does the capsule concept work for you and your lifestyle?

RACHEL: I am a huge fan of comfortable and easy clothing but still looking cute and feeling like "me!" I want to support a company that is aiming for ethical clothing and where I can get the most use out of what I'm buying. I really appreciate the morals of CJLA and that they're always looking to giveback.

CJLA: How has having a capsule wardrobe helped to simplify your life?

RACHEL: I'm obsessed with the capsule concept and it's why I fell in love with CJLA. Before CJLA, I would have different types of clothing in my wardrobe that wouldn't match or only some shirts went with some pants. Can anyone relate to that? It made getting dressed complicated and I felt like it seemed wasteful to have some shirts that only matched with some pants. It didn't make sense. But when I discovered CJLA, it changed the game! It makes getting dressed so easy and more importantly, these pieces last and are high quality. They're timeless styles and they're made well to last years and years.

CJLA: What is your favorite CJLA piece to style?

RACHEL: My favorite CJLA piece to style is a CJ's Favorite Boyfriend Tee. It is long and flowy which means I can tie it, tuck it or leave it long-- and it looks different every time! Before writing this I asked my husband which one he sees me in most often and he said this one. He's right!

CJLA: If you had to describe CJLA to a friend using only three words what would they be?

RACHEL: Comfortable, ethical and personalized. The three things that matter to me most!

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