CJLA Girls Story: Jena Miller

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CJLA Girls Story: Jena Miller

Hey CJLA Girls! Hope you are all having a wonderful day and a great start to the new month. Today we're excited to share Jena Miller's CJLA Girls Story with you. Jenna was kind enough to share a little bit about herself, her lifestyle and her capsule with us. You can learn more about Jena and her CJLA capsule below. Enjoy!

CJLA: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

JENA: My name is Jena Miller and I'm a mama of two little girls, aged 2 years old and 7 months! I married my best friend 3.5 years ago at our dream winter wedding. I'm the production coordinator for the fastest growing church in America, so my days are incredibly busy between juggling my job and my family! But I wouldn't change it; I love my life.

CJLA: How did you discover CJLA?

JENA: I found CJLA because a friend of mine always looked so put together in her capsule wardrobe, and I heard her talking about how her clothes were from this company called CJLA. I looked them up and bought a few basics to try them out. Within a few weeks I had placed 3 more orders because WOW— those clothes were all I was reaching for. They are SO GOOD. 

CJLA: Why do you love CJLA?

JENA: What I love most about CJLA is how much Carly focuses on keeping her customers happy. She reaches out to us, the consumer, to ask us for our input on future collections, preferences, and sales. I've never seen anything like it, and it ensures that every collection is curated for the buyer. I can honestly say that every launch is perfectly made so that we can seamlessly fold new pieces into our existing wardrobes. 

CJLA: What are your three all-time favorite CJLA capsule pieces?

JENA: My top favorite CJLA capsule pieces have to be CJ's favorite t-shirt dress, the Dylan dress, and CJ's favorite Boyfriend Tee. Honestly anything with that dreamy stretchy fabric that is easy to throw on!

CJLA: Why does that capsule concept work so well for you and your lifestyle? How has your CJLA capsule helped simplify your life?

JENA: A capsule wardrobe is super important to me at this point in my life where I'm a super busy working mom, so any time I take getting dressed is time away from my kiddos. I love that CJLA has simplified my morning routine. Anything I grab will be cute enough for meetings and also functional and cozy for running around with my kids!

CJLA: What are your favorite CJLA capsule pieces to style?

JENA: My absolute fave CJLA piece to style is actually a newer piece to my collection; the Lucas shorts. They are SO soft and beautiful, and that perfect relaxed style that seems to go with everything. 

CJLA: If you had to describe CJLA to a friend using only three words what would they be?

JENA: Oof! Three words to describe CJLA? That's so tough, because I could clearly talk about them forever! But I'd say stylish, comfortable, and effortless. 

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