CJLA Girls Stories: Brittney Gage

CJLA Girls Stories: Brittney Gage

Hello CJLA Girls! We are so excited about the special CJLA Girls Story that we have to share with you today. We had the pleasure of talking with CJLA Girl Brittney Gage. Brittney has been a member of the CJLA community for several years and we are constantly inspired by her beautiful posts. We hope you enjoy learning more about Brittney. Check out the full interview below!

CJLA: Tell us about yourself!

BRITTNEY: My name is Brittney Gage and I am an LA native finding home in Omaha, Nebraska where we just moved a few months ago! I have been married to my wonderful husband, James, for 4 years and we don't have children yet but hope to grow our family in the coming years! I am an insurance agent by day, and aspiring blogger/writer by night. I enjoy finding new and unique ways to be creative and chase different dreams!

CJLA: How did you find CJLA?

BRITTNEY: I found CJLA several years ago on Instagram and was one of the OG followers back when Carly was posing in front of that white wall in her backyard and taking orders from DMs! I've been a loyal fan ever since!

CJLA: CJLA is more than clothes, it's a community! Why do you love being a member of the CJLA community?

BRITTNEY: Gosh, there is so much to be said about the CJLA community. To start, I've never in my life encountered a brand so devoted to genuine connections and a community that lifts up others. I love the way CJLA Girls encourage others to be comfortable in their skin, to find joy in the little things and to give back to others in a powerful way. I've made so many new friends (online + in person) by connecting through this brand. And that's what's so awesome about CJLA. 

CJLA: What are your three all-time favorite CJLA capsule pieces?

BRITTNEY: I can only pick three?! I would have to say.... Hunter Jacket, Ada Jeans and the Benton Hat!

CJLA: Why does the capsule concept work for you and your lifestyle?

BRITTNEY: It's important for me to be able to go from business casual to comfy loungewear so easily. I love knowing I can curate outfits that work for my business meetings (even the virtual ones!) and the comfort of lounging around my house all in one.

CJLA: How has having a capsule wardrobe helped to simplify your life?

BRITTNEY: Having a capsule wardrobe makes it easy with pieces that can be mixed and matched in so many different ways. I never feel like I don't know what to wear!! It's also helped make packing light and easy for traveling and never getting bored with the same outfit over and over.

CJLA: What is your favorite CJLA piece to style?

BRITTNEY: Kimonos! I feel like they can be dressed up and down in so many different ways. They are my favorite piece to get creative with.

CJLA: If you had to describe CJLA to a friend using only three words what would they be?

BRITTNEY: Capsule made easy!

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  • Thanks for featuring me on the blog! I am proud to be a CJLA girl! <3

    Brittney Gage

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