Carly's July Faves Recap

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Carly's July Faves Recap

Hey y'all! CJ here! One of my favorite things to do every once a week is share what I'm currently loving! These aren't ads, or a sponsored message, but things that I am just a FAN of! And as we get into the full August swing, I wanted to quickly recap my top July Favorites!

Self-Care Essentials


1. Essie Ballet Slippers Nail Polish - So this nail color is @essie Ballet Slippers! I just love how well it paired with our new Malibu Collection.😍 It’s so simple + feminine, with the most beautiful creamy soft pink! 

2. OPI Coca-Cola Red Nail polish - I know finding the perfect red can be tricky, but I think @opi did an amazing job with this color! It’s bright and fun and I love it well beyond the Fourth of July! I think it’s just a great classic summer color!

3. OPI Bubble Bath Nail Polish - This new nail color is one of my favorites! I love how you feel and classic it is it looks like you’re barely wearing anything but has this perfect little hue of milky pink to it! 

4. Castor Oil - Okay, this one’s a random one but I am really loving it! I just recently found out the benefits of castor oil! I did not realize how simple it is and how functional and useful it is for so many different things! Navy and her friends were making some natural skin products and found out how easy it was to make the simplest eyelash serum with it! Just fill a empty eyelash tube with Castor oil and a few drops of lavender essential oil! It makes the best + easiest lash + brow serum!

Pantry Must-Haves

1. Rambler Grapefruit Water - This grapefruit @rambleraustin water is super simple but I love how delicious the grapefruit flavor is! It does not taste fake it taste like yummy fresh grapefruit! Love this with an extra squeeze of fresh grapefruit and a sprig of fresh mint for the perfect little summer refresher!

2. Purely Parson's Elderberry Syrup Kit - This one might sound random but it’s actually been a great thing to have in the pantry/fridge this summer to combat summer colds! @purelyparsons elderberry syrup kit! I have been pouring over sparkling mineral water + ice for a great immune boosting summer treat!

3. Original Kitchen Sauce - @bitchinsauce also known as “kitchen sauce” in my house has been the perfect summer snack with sliced veggies! I know you’ve probably heard me share about them before, but it’s still going strong and one of our favorite snacks in the kitchen! 🙌🏽 

Fave Snacks/Meals

1. Salt and Straw Ice Cream Packs - Somehow all my favorites include food 🤣🙌🏽 but I have to say that one of my new favorite things to do for gifting is sending @saltandstraw ice cream packs!🍦It makes such a fun gift for any occasion! A birthday, a thank you, congratulations… ANYTHING! I’ve been sending the “Best Sellers Classics Pack” 👌🏽 I think it makes a really fun summer gift! Who doesn’t love ice cream showing up on your porch!? 🎉

2. Erewhon Market Salad - This shepherds cucumber salad from @erewhonmarket is one of the most delicious things I think I’ve ever eaten! Snag a scoop of this and a little side of wild salmon for the most delicious on the go lunch!

3. Farmshop Sourdough - Did you know that one of my favorite restaurant + bakery’s in Los Angeles @farmshop now sells their amazing sourdough bread at @traderjoes!? I definitely recommend snagging a loaf and whipping up some avocado toast with it! You won’t be disappointed!

4. Strawberry Matcha - I am a big fan of Matcha these days I love meeting at home and I also love grabbing it on the go! The new strawberry Matcha from @sunlifeorganics is pretty fabulous! Talk about a really yummy summer treat! If you have a Sunlife near you give this yummy drink at try! Just talking about it makes me want one right now! 🤣

5. Nostalgia Popcorn Maker - This one’s large 🤣 but it’s pretty fun!! The Nostalgia popcorn maker/machine! 🍿 It has been on repeat for hosting this summer for us! It’s definitely and investment, but if you host a lot I think it’s so well worth it! We love ours! You can find it at @homedepot, @overstock and @amazon 🤍


Fave Clothes/Shoes

1. Chloe Dress - The new Chloe dress that launched today at @carlyjeanlosangeles reminds me so much of our Natalie dress that we just sold out of last week! If you love your Natalie dress and you want a solid version this is basically it! Chloe is such a gorgeous fit and is almost like the remake of the Natalie! I don’t think everyone’s seen a ton of it and maybe doesn’t know how fabulous it is! If you missed it in today’s launch it’s not too late we still have some stock left! 😍

2. Rhodes Sandals - Rhodes Sandals yes, I know they’re @carlyjeanlosangeles BUT they are FINALLY BACK!!! If you only had one shoe for the summer these would be it!

3. Reebok Vintage Tennis Shoes - The Reebok Club C 85 Vintage tennis shoes are one of my new go to shoes! I am loving them with all things CJLA from our denim to our new active collection! They go with absolutely everything!

4. Can I include @carlyjeanlosangeles!? 🤭 I think I have to, because I just updated my faves on the new “Cj’s Faves” tab! There you'll find allll my new go-to’s for the month of August! Have you seen our newest arrivals!? They are the dreamiest! 😍

All right, that rounds up my random faves for the month! Hope you guys are well and have an awesome August! XO CJ

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